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Okay, I’ll own up to this; I have a massive password file on my computer. Sure, we’re not supposed to do that but come on, how the heck am I supposed to remember every single password from just about 20 years on the internet?


Smartphones are a bit different though. Sure, I could upload my password file via either Evernote or Dropbox, but I’m not quite that trusting of it. Not only that, but I don’t need every single password on my phone. I do need certain passwords though, such as when I go to restaurants that have wi-fi and I don’t want to keep asking them what the password is.

Keeper is a smartphone app for, I believe, every type of smartphone that’s out there. What it allows you to do is put all of your passwords in it and then you only have to memorize one overall password to open the program up. If you pay for it, which is only $9 or so a year, you can add the application to any of your other laptops, tablets or computers and sync the information so that no matter what you’re carrying around with you, so that you can use each item to add passwords.

I have to admit that I think it’s pretty fantastic, but there are a couple of small downsides. For one, you must, and I stress MUST, remember your password to Keeper. If you forget that you only get 5 shots at getting in. At that point it disables your account and erases everything; ouch!

You also need to make sure that, if you’re deciding to change email addresses, you get in there and update the email address before you change up. It’s not something most people would think about since, once you have the app on your smartphone, you’d ever have to deal with. So far I’m lucky to still be able to get into my app without it asking me for an email address; whew!

Anyway, not only do I recommend this app for your phone, but look, I can write a short post! 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Keeper Security”

  1. Cool thanks Mitch! I’ll have to go find it on the Google Play store if it’s there and check it out.

    Don’t really need the app since most of my passwords I have written down on a notepad next to me, but will still check out the app itself for maybe future reference (or a possible future blog post on mobile apps).
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    1. Daniel, it comes in handy because I eat out a lot and many of those places have wi-fi but you have to have a password to get in. It just helps.

      1. Not sure what you use, but in that kind of scenario I’ve got an Android powered phone that will remember any passwords to any WiFi spots I connect to, so don’t have to reenter them when I want to reconnect.

        Honestly though I normally don’t connect to public WiFi spots, since a lot of them are unsecure.
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      2. I don’t just travel with my phone. I often go with my Nook, and every once in a while with my laptop. Having access to those passwords in those cases have helped quite a bit.

      3. Ahhh I see. I do take my laptop when I go places too though I wouldn’t take it to a restaurant with me. I’d take it with me when I go out of town though and then use my phone when I go out to restaurants or stores.
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      4. That’s exactly why I started doing it. I was traveling back and forth to Memphis for 18 months, ending up in many different cities along the way and always needing to relearn passwords for different gear.

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