Well, now I’ve gone and done it. My friend Sire, who wrote the guest post Why I Love Blogging, has either started or joined a movement of bloggers who are agreeing to follow people who comment on their blogs back to their own blogs and, if the little red logo you see off to the right there happens to be on their site, pretty much guarantees that they’ll write something back on their latest post.

I say “pretty much” because we all acknowledge that, every once in awhile, there just may not be anything legitimate to say. It’s hard to make a legitimate comment on a topic you know nothing about, and the purpose isn’t just to write something stupid, but to actually participate and share information with each other.

Of course, Sire being Sire, he had to add an extra incentive, which, instead of my repeating it, if you’re interested check out this point on his Wassup Blog to see a couple of benefits for signing on.

One final thing. I’ve just gone through a couple of hours of trying to figure out why that image, and the image above it containing my RSS feed, wouldn’t show up anywhere on the blog except the main page. Turns out that, unlike regular webpages, you actually have to type in the website address for the image to show all the way through. The lessons we all have to learn; I hope I’ve made that one easier for you than it was for me to figure it out.

Okay, one more problem solved; two to go.

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