You know, for years I’ve belonged to, and I’ve never done anything with it. Over the last week, since I set my one week goal, I’ve been thinking about looking into some joint venture ideas, and suddenly remembered that I was a part of this thing.

Basically, joint ventures are relationships you make with other people to either sell their products or have them help you sell theirs. On this site, you can set up relationships with people going either direction, and based on the level of buy-in from you, you have certain flexibilities on what you can do from either side of this fence.

For instance, I went to the site and clicked on “member listings”, and that’s where you can see all the different things people are selling and hoping you’ll hook up with them on. As a test, I’ve just signed up for my first joint venture product, something called Tweet My Blog, which is a product that helps people make money off their blogs by using Twitter, which of course I do use. You click in and read about the product you wish to promote, then you can click on this link that will take you to where you sign up to help market the product. Once you’ve done that, you go to a signin page, where you put in your username and password, and after they pitch a couple other things to you (I didn’t buy, because it’s the first time and I wanted to get through the process, you come to a page where they give you an affiliate link, which I added above if you decide to click on the Tweet My Blog link (why post the link twice, I figure), which you can use, or you can use one of their banner links like the one below:

Not only that, but because I’m a member of the group, they’re actually allowing me to try out the product, which I’m going to take a serious look at because one thing I’m not big on is pushing products that I haven’t at least taken some kind of look at. In this case, the product will allow me to write my blog post, and after it’s completed it will automatically post to Twitter that I’ve written something new. I’ve been reading that some other people have been using this product and others like it, so I’ll give it a serious look; automation is never a bad thing, especially with my new mantra of upgrading technology.

And there are some big name people who are a part of this, like Michael Rasmussen of Free Advertising Directory fame, and Mike Filsaime, one of the top internet marketers in the country. And, as I looked around, there’s over 1,500 other folks who are looking for joint venture partners; wow!

So, it would seem that there are indeed many opportunities out there to market products without having to create them. It’s another option, y’all; check it out if you’re predisposed to do so. And, of course, another affiliate banner below that can take you there. 🙂

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