It’s officially spring, but here in central New York it’s actually been colder the last couple of days than it was the final days of winter.

My major project before spring actually hit was to get my entire office straightened out. It took me four days, but I finally got it all just the way I wanted it to be. Just to share a little bit, this is what my desk looked like after it was totally clean:

Yeah, my desk needs some physical work, because I’ve had it for a very long time, but otherwise I felt really good about my workspace, the entire office, once I was done. I still want bigger in my long range dreams, but for the moment, I’ve been able to keep my room clean for the past two weeks; proud of myself.

Every once in awhile, though, I look at where my office supplies and papers are and wish I could always change up to the latest and greatest bit of storage. Great storage helps make your home office usable and enjoyable. I have some nice stuff, but there’s always something else that I’d like. Below is one of those things I’d love to have; it comes in three sizes, and this is actually the smallest, and therefore the least expensive. Still, I’d love to have it myself.

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