Is Your Tech Failing You?

I have an Epson Photo R200 printer. I like this printer a lot, so much so that I bought my wife one, and I even recommended it to my mother and a friend of mine, both of whom bought the same thing.

I do have a problem with it, though. It doesn’t like to print envelopes. Actually, the printing part is fine; it’s the feeding the envelopes through the printer part that it won’t do. I have to literally push the envelope into the feeder and hope that it takes it to get envelopes printed. If I’m only doing one envelope at a time it’s not such a big deal. But when I’m doing some of my marketing and I’m pushing through between 20 and 40 envelopes, it’s very irritating.

As I started to think back on it, I realized that every printer I’ve ever owned has been an Epson, and I’ve always had the same problems. That’s over 20 years of envelope problems, yet I keep buying the same thing. I know I’m the loyal type, but I’m thinking that’s a bit ridiculous in retrospect.

Then I started thinking about other tech things as it relates to my computing, or in some way interacts with my computer, and things I’ve tolerated over the years. For instance, I’ve had a Palm of some type since 2002. For the most part they’ve all worked pretty well. But every one of them invariably had an issue. And, oddly enough, I realized that at some point I sent each of them back to the company because something had failed; how weird is that? I love the fact that I can carry all my addresses and passwords and music and calendar and the like with me easily enough; but have I really gotten my money’s worth and had my time be really efficient in the long run with some of the technical issues I’ve had to deal with?

And then there’s my computer itself. Some of you remember my tale about getting my old computer fixed by the computer guy and the subsequent story the next day. The computer I had before that one was a terror as well. As a matter of fact, for all the complaints I’ve had about Vista, the truth is that this is still the best running computer I’ve had since the very first computer I ever had, my double floppy special back in 1987 that I never wanted, and look at all the trouble it’s led to in my life. 🙂 And I have had a few problems with this computer that I’m not sure are Vista related that makes me wonder what it is with tech companies to begin with.

I mean, is it that they’re all following what we know as the Microsoft Principle, which means put it out there even if it’s not perfect and we’ll try to make it better as it goes along? Yeah, I know, nothing’s perfect, but is there anything that any of us have bought that we can truthfully say we’ve never had even one little glitch with it?

I’ve had to replace my scanner four times. I’ve had to replace the battery pack to my laptop twice, and the hard drive once. My GPS unit just won’t update itself online through this computer, even though it’s supposed to, which means that was a waste of $65 to update the maps. I tried to update the software for the transfer of files between my cell and the computer and ended up losing access to my computer for a few hours until I figured out how to get back into it and do a system restore; thank goodness I could do that. I had to buy a USB headset because my previous headset and my microphone suddenly wouldn’t work. One of my external hard drives has bit the dust, and it was considered a highly ranked enclosure when I bought it. I can’t count how many hard drives I’ve lost over the years. And I’ve had to replace two monitors in my lifetime.

Am I expecting too much in my tech, or do many of you feel the same way? And, not that I’m going to change all that immediately, but is there a printer out there that’s not a HP (let’s not even go into why I’m not buying a HP) that will easily load envelopes so I can remove that bit of minor stress from my life in the future, that also doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

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8 thoughts on “Is Your Tech Failing You?”

  1. You haven’t had much luck with technical things have you?

    I’ve had pretty good luck, plus I have a great computer technician who doesn’t charge me to fix my computer. because I’m sleeping with him. “Smirk” (Hubby)
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..Weird Underwear for Men =-.

    1. Rose, stuff’s always picking on me. lol I’m lucky that I can fix some things, such as my computer, but other stuff just messes with me in its own way.

  2. Your loyalty for 20 years might have more to do with all the things that don’t break down and work fine, overlooking one item that gives you problems. Imagine a printer that handled envelopes well, but ripped up yoiur paper feeds.

    1. Todd, we both know that printer would be going out the window, or at least back to the store if it started out that way. 🙂

  3. First, get a Mac will ya. That will fix your computer woes. Second, when doing 20 or 40 addressed, I think you should switch to printing on labels and then sticking them on envelopes. I have also seen small label printers for printing just one or two at a time. Might be something to look into.

    I know our manager here at work should never be let near any electronic gadget. They do not get along. LOL I know you are much better than that.

    Oh, SU game tonight. Rutgers always plays us tough there.
    .-= Scott Thomas´s last blog ..A Day with the American Bison =-.

    1. We both know I’m not getting a Mac. I need something I can take apart.

      As for the envelopes, it’s my business advertising; I can’t put stickers on envelopes for that, as it would look unprofessional. There has to be a printer that won’t cost me thousands of dollars that can handle feeding envelopes through.

      Yup, got the Rutgers game ready to go!

    1. They look pretty good, but no one’s rated them all that high. On the star system, I only see 3’s as a high, and on the 10 point system it’s ranked 7. Would you disagree with that?

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