Interviewing Diane Walker, Network Marketer

I met Diane Walker on Twitter one night and we just started to talk. Then we moved over to Facebook, where we weren’t limited to 140 characters at a time. She’s an internet marketer, but not an affiliate marketer. Instead, she’s part of the MLM (multi-level marketing) genre, mainly through a company called Send Out Cards. She calls what she does “relationship marketing.” She co-authored the book Navigating the World of Network Marketing.

1. How long did it take you to make your first $10,000 via internet marketing?

Actually about 6 or 7 years, hard to remember as it’s been so long ago.

2. When you first began, what kind of mistakes did you make that impeded you?

I had absolutely no experience at anything online or any type of sales when I started, just a desire to find a way out of corporate America and find a way to replace my income, and be free to work from anywhere so I chose the Internet. The biggest mistake I made was being too trusting. Everything I saw looked like the “right” answer, so I would join, only to find out the person I joined was not what they portrayed, or they were on to the next “BIG” thing a week later.

It made my head spin sometimes. With no experience, I had to learn from mistakes and I made a ton of them. The only thing that kept me going back then was I was too stubborn to quit, and I was very determined.

3. For someone brand new who has a product to sell, whether it’s their own or not, what are the first three steps they need to do to drive traffic to their product, or is that the most important thing to begin with in the first place?

Honestly, early on I tried it all. I think the internet has changed a LOT. I know early on everyone was trying to be first on google, but not everyone can get there.

1. Simple things anyone can do, would be have your link in your signature file wherever you go, or on business cards and flyers.

2. Use a domain name they own OR CLOAK the url so people do not take your ID Off or use something like this:

3. YouTube videos, or blogging, if you keep that blog up. I also do a lot of networking and getting to know people. To me it’s more about long term relationships than the one time slam dunk sale.

4. What’s your general opinion on trying to make money selling affiliate products through companies like Clickbank, Commission Junction, etc?

Honestly I’ve not done a lot with any of that. I think I signed up for an account once, but to me found it more of a techie type thing. I was more interested in helping others, than trying to set up that type of sale, so I’ve not really used that.

5. Do you believe an autoresponder is important even for those who don’t have much traffic at the beginning?

Personally, I find them very annoying. These days with the spam and junk mail, I get annoyed if I requested information about a product or service and the site subscribes me to an autoresponder. I think we’ve lost the human element there. I want to physically talk to someone, ask live questions, not get slammed with ton’s of mail.

I do use an autoresponder for training messages that people want and they know it’s an autoresponder.

6. Do you believe that most people have the opportunity to make good money via their blogs, or do you believe it’s best to have a website, then possibly direct traffic through a blog to the websites?

I believe they can make money just fine whether or not they have a personal website or blog. Blogs, and websites and branding will get them known, however, I never really promote or use either of mine much. I may be the exception to the rule.

7. What do you think of programs like Jeff Paul’s Internet Millions that bring a lot of people into internet marketing that don’t really know what the internet is to begin with?

Honestly until you asked me this question I’d NEVER heard about Jeff Paul. I just googled his name and see ton’s of Google pages about him now, however, I’ve learned that most of those beautiful copy written ads bring people in and they make a sale, then the people get added to a mailing list, and get send messages like, “you bought this” so here’s something else.

I think there are a lot of very good people online that make terrific money doing sales like that, however, what most people don’t see is behind the scenes, they are out doing meetings around the country to promote and build their names, and they are constantly selling, and then selling and then selling. Over the years they BRAND themselves, so people recognize and buy because of their names.

I personally learned after many years of making an attempt to do things like that, this just was not for me. I do not think that most people can do well, as if everyone could do what these guys did, who would be buying?

8. Do you believe the market is getting too crowded, or is there room for everyone to make money online?

Depends on what they do. There are BILLIONS of people and plenty of room for everyone to make money, and ton’s of different products and services to do that with. People just have to find the right fit for themselves, then put the blinders on and go to work, and not be distracted by everything that comes along.

9. Take a moment for yourself; what are you working on now, or what would you like to promote?

I’m co author of the book “Navigating The World of Network Marketing” which is a recap of all the things I did, mistakes I made and what I learned by them. You can read a recap at

I’ve also build a solid business. If anyone wants to know more about that, I have a info form at or if they want to know more about me personally my base site it

I’ve got a blog as everyone does at I’m not too good at keeping it up though but do post maybe once a month or so.

10. Any final words of encouragement you’d like to give to your visitor?

NO MATTER WHAT, do not give up. There is hope for everyone. If you find the right fit for you, and then go to work, give yourself time to learn and grow as you go along. If you find something you believe in, buckle down and go to work, you can make it.

If you are starting a business and it’s your first time, give yourself time to learn. It won’t happen over night, but if you allow yourself to be distracted by everything that comes along it will never happen. Also, find a good mentor and work closely with them, until you get where you want to be.

I want to thank Diane for giving us this interview. I know we all learned some good stuff from it.

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  1. Good morning, Mitch.

    I missed this interview when you first posted it.

    I’ve known Diane (online only) for a long time and she is a very helpful person.

    I agree with her advice, “NO MATTER WHAT, do not give up.”

    I would add to that, focus on something and don’t flit from one thing to another all the time.

    I enjoyed reading this interview.

    Act on your dream!


    1. I’m glad you were able to finally catch up with it, John. She says some pretty good things there, and I had hoped a lot more people would have seen it.

      I always think interviews are important and fascinating because I like seeing how other people think about things, especially people who are successful in some fashion. I hope to be doing a lot more of these as I go along.

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