Per the recommendation of our friend Matt, I have now signed up with Infolinks as an affiliate. In general, their ads look a lot like the Kontera ads that show up on this blog on individual posts.

However, instead of adding it to this blog, I decided to use them on one of my other websites. I do a little bit of affiliate marketing over there, with some Commission Junction products, Adsense on each page, and Widget Bucks on a couple also; hey, I’m trying to be an internet marketer, right?

What it also is, though, is a site with lots of written content, and I’m adding more as I can. It generates a little bit of change here and there, but I want to see how it does with Infolinks. Truthfully, I probably need to write more things related to current events, since, it seems, book reviews, which I have written the most about, aren’t as popular as other articles might be. Still, I have already added the Infolinks, and to tell you the truth, I’m not so sure that most of the terms they attach themselves to offer products or advertisements any more relevant to either the topic of the article or the term they’ve selected. For instance, on one of the reviews I added the code to (javascript code), it selected the term “different languages” and decided to link it to a website talking about making money.

I’ve only added it to sixteen pages out of the almost 80 I have there, but it’s on the top 7 pages that get visited, so if it’s going to have its best chance of working, that will be it. Should be an interesting thing to follow over the next few months.

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