You probably think that’s a clickbait title, don’t you? In a way it is, but in another way it’s a declaration of something I’ve finally come to grips with, something that almost everyone else in the world also needs to come to grips with.

Mitch the Blogger
Mitch the Blogger

It’s taken me a while but I now realize that it’s a fruitless quest to even aim for. No matter what I do with the remaining years I have to blog here, there and everywhere else, I’m never, ever, going to get to the level of blogging success that Neil Patel is at. The closest we’re probably ever going to get at this point is following each other on Twitter (which I actually thought had happened but I guess not lol).

You know what’s funny? I was never at his level, but this blog and my business blog used to be ranked fairly high back in the early days. This blog once dipped under a 90K ranking by Alexa, while my business blog was around 145K. Then Panda and Hummingbird and all the other Google animals got in my way and I tumbled so far that I stopped checking Alexa and pretty much any other ranking because it was just too depressing.

Let me get this out of the way; I don’t hate Neil Patel. Matter of fact, I’m fascinated by the things he puts out, so much so that I share a lot of it on Twitter and even put in his Twitter handle so he or his minions can see that I’m giving him lots of love. I even print out a lot of his posts in a pdf so I can take extra time to go through them again at a later time. I respect the guy that much…

Here’s the thing. Although every once in a while I’ll put together a post I feel is fairly epic, like my article on 31 Big Mistakes People Make Blogging And In Social Media, I don’t have the time to do a lot of the type of research he and his people can put together. I also have more than one blog, a mother living with me that has dementia and a few other things going on that it just isn’t prudent for me to even think I could take the time it would require to get it done.

Not only that, but I don’t write those kind of posts to begin with. As my friend Mitchell Allen stated in a comment on my 6 Blogging Tips That You Need To Consider, where he also mentioned Neil, he said this to me, which I’ll always treasure:

“I fear that many readers will overlook something very important: that your blog style is an aggregate of your philosophies. In other words, it is as unique a beast as any fingerprint.”

That’s kind of cool, right? Thanks Mitch (sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself when I say that; then again, I always talk to myself… lol)!

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It’s not that I don’t write some articles based on research here and there. I could have never told people about fixing the parsing JSON error for CommentLuv or giving a lot of tips on how to achieve better mobile speed numbers without putting some significant time into both research and testing.

It’s also not that I haven’t put more time into trying to write some longer posts, since that’s one of the biggest recommendations everyone’s putting out these days. Out of the 17 blog posts I’ve written so far in 2017, 11 of them are over a thousand words (2 of those just under 3,000) and 6 are under, with the fewest words I’ve written coming in at 825; I must have been slacking off on that day.

Here’s the thing. I recognize that no matter what I do, the Big G is never going to recognize me or my blog or any posts I write as being worth all that much. Another bit of research I did shows that my post titled What Is An Authority Blog Post comes up in position #10 on Google, even though only one of the links above me mentions the topic, and it’s a link to a pdf (which is a new one on me because Google never used to recognize pdf links). Put that same title in on Duck Duck Go or Bing and it’s the #1 post.

You want a bit more? When I check Analytics it shows that only 5.3% of my overall traffic comes from Google; isn’t that shocking? Even by using some of my SEO efforts (though I’m not doing anything drastic) I find that most of my posts never appear within the first 150 links (yes, I do check at least that far).

Every once in a while I get lucky, but I tend to always do better with the other search engines. I’m betting I’m not alone on this; how many of you will own up to being in the same position?

The fact is that most of us don’t write the type of posts that Google’s ever going to see as authority posts. Maybe we get lucky here and there, but we’re never going to be able to keep up with the output that people like Neil and Anna of Traffic Generation Cafe can, and even Anna can’t keep up with Neil! lol

What I am able to do is write about things I’ve experienced, things I’ve seen and things I believe should be true. Since I’m already breaking blogging rules made by other people way too often, since I’m already always telling people to write as much or as little as you want to (although writing too little won’t bring you many visitors, if that’s something you can about), and since I’m always encouraging people to write for many good reasons, I guess I’ll keep on writing about things like that because I’d rather work on being encouraging and entertaining and educating and just talking to people in my own way because I love blogging way too much to try being someone I’m not meant to be.

I’m good with that; I really am! Who’s with me on this?

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