Back in May I talked about Commission Junction and how I wasn’t doing all that well in making money from it.

Well, I’ve decided to partake in what’s known as Commission Junction University. Actually, it’s not a full university at all, just some training and tips from the CJ folks themselves on ways to market what they have to offer. It’s the first time I’ve ever noticed it, which shows that I, and probably a lot of other people, haven’t really been paying as close attention to the site as we probably should.

In general, it has six initial sections that help to give you ideas. Then they have a few interactive tutorials to help you even further. And they also give you links to other topics to help you learn about each of those areas, along with case studies from others who have gone before us. And, it seems they actually have in person training a couple of times a year that you can go to; don’t see me doing that for a long time, if ever, I must admit.

So, at least they’re trying to help us make money, which of course helps them make money. This is a good thing, so I’ll be trying to learn a few things, and who knows in the long run, right?

Syracuse University Logo Tie by NCAA -  Black Silk

Syracuse University Logo Tie by NCAA – Black Silk

Price – $32.95