I’ll Write Articles For You; For A Price

I’ve decided that, as a way to generate some income while I’m home from my consulting assignment, that I’m going to start writing articles, packages of articles, for folks who want new content, yet don’t have the time to do it for themselves.

I’m getting this idea from two places. One, I actually got it from this book I’ve talked about a few times called 20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online. Two, if you remember my article the other day on private label rights, I talked about how people write blocks of these articles, then sell multiple packages of them for a certain dollar amount so people can use them however they see fit.

Well, y’all have seen how much I write on this blog, and some of you have visited my other two blogs. I also write two newsletters for my business, three newsletters for other organizations, and written many other things on many different topics. Frankly, I’m looking to make a little bit of money from some of my writing, which is why I’m offering this. Now, the book talks about going to forums and advertising there. I decided that I want to do it from this blog instead, though I may mention it on a forum or two also at some point. For now, though, I want to get the word out from my own blog so I can control it a little bit.

Here’s the deal. I will write 10 articles from 400 to 750 words on any topic that’s requested. I will guarantee that each article I write will be original; those articles will never be used on my blogs, although there’s nothing saying I may not ever talk about a specific topic that I’m writing about. I will guarantee that if multiple people ask for a package on the same topic, I will only sell 10 packages, and that’s that. And, if you read the PLR article of mine, hopefully you’ll change a few words here and there to make those articles yours.

If you contact me, and of course don’t contact me here on the blog, but go to my contact page and write me at the email address listed there, and you request a copy of articles I’ve written on other genres, I’ll send you some links; however, if you’ve read this blog, you know I can talk about anything. I guarantee that the articles will be done in four days or less. I’ll send one article to you for free, and if you like that one then I’ll send you a link to pay me via Paypal, and once payment has cleared I’ll send you the rest of the package in a zipped file format.

The price for this package is only $100, and for only selling 10 packages, I think that’s a steal. I think I’ve proven that I can write to those who’ve read anything here, but, as I said, I can always share some other samples. By the way, this is an introductory price, as I don’t want someone seeing this in four months thinking the price has stayed the same. But it will remain at this price for at least a few months, as I try to show folks that I can do it, and, hopefully, if they like what I do they’ll spread the word, I’ll become famous, and never have to leave home again except for hamburgers and ice cream; ah, what a dream! 🙂

So there it is, out there for the public. Spread the word around to your friends and business partners, or anyone else who needs content but either can’t write or doesn’t have the time to write. And if we do business with each other, I thank you very much, and of course, confidentiality is always paramount.

Update: The introductory price is over.

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19 comments on “I’ll Write Articles For You; For A Price

  • Hi Mitch – its amazing what you can do with 0’s and 1’s [like binary] all those words and articles, and newsletters and whatnot and so on – keep it up!

    Off topic, but:

    Have you seen the ‘review’ of your site on Tuscson SEO Solutions? (day 82)

    Cheers – Rhys

    • Yes, I did see the review, and I even wrote a comment on it.

      As for the writing,… hey, if I can get paid for what I love, all’s the better, right?

  • Its something you are very good at and think you will do well, especially considering there is such a big need for it. I used to design sites for startup businesses and some of them would take 6 months to get the text to us, so that’s another avenue its worth exploring. In the UK a lot of start-up businesses get grants to get their site up and running.

    • Thanks Khaled. Of course, I’ve yet to have anyone take me up on it, so the idea may not be all that great after all. But we’ll see, right?

  • Mitch,
    YAH! I was actually able to get on the site today without Internet Explorer shutting me out! Good stuff.
    Anyways, I love the concept here. I think you are going to do great with it. You are a gifted writer, that is for sure!

  • James | Broadband says:

    Here you come again Mitch, I’ll like to give your writing skills a go and see how it goes. I do write articles in the past but would rather outsource it to someone with very broad knowledge like you. I’ve been a great fan of yours especially on money making topics..I’ll give you a shout when I’m ready. Keep it coming dude..

    • Thanks James. Of course, if it turns out to be really popular, I might have to raise the price a little bit. Wouldn’t that be a pip! lol

  • By the way, Dennis, if you still know someone, inform them that the price just went up, as that was an introductory offer.

    • I actually only got four, Dennis, and three of them wanted to know why I was charging so low. Hey, that’s one lesson I learn quick; if I’m told it’s low, I’m bumping up, and fast. The turnaround time was only a day for each, and I guess they really liked that.

      Course, when I’m on the road again, who knows about turnaround time, right? 🙂

      • No, I think I’ve hit a nice price point. If I were ready to make it my full time job, I might boost the price, but for now, as a part time thing, I think it’ll work just right.

  • Mitch, I already read the “20 ways to make $100 per day online” and believe me, it’s a very great book, where all onliners should have a peek on it!

    • Thanks for the endorsement, Wil. It seems to be working out for me right now with this writing, that’s for sure.

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