If Men Are Pigs, What Are Women?

The woman to the right if following me on Twitter; or is she? After all, the name next to the image on Twitter isn’t a male or female name; it’s the name of a business. Or at least something that I assume is supposed to be some kind of business, because all the posts coming from the account are sales links.

She’s “following” me

I’m not following this account, but I went to take a look since it’s following me, and it has almost 5,000 followers, and overwhelmingly it’s men following the account. Trust me, not all of those men are interested in the product, and probably aren’t paying any attention to the posts. They saw the picture of the comely young lady, who’s very attractive, and just automatically followed the account.

She’s “following”
me as well

It’s no wonder women think many men are pigs. We often do tend to follow very pretty and shapely women wherever they pop up, and sometimes we just can’t help ourselves, can we? After all, the images are the perfect fantasy of what we think women should be, even though we know that, for the most part, these women don’t look like this all the time, and they’re certainly not going to be interested in most of us. Not only that, but we’re not meeting any of these women with images like this. There are plenty of other attractive “real” women to interact with on both Twitter and Facebook, women who actually have brains and minds and can and will talk to us.


And yet, I’m still left with this thought that if men are such pigs, then what are women? I mean, look at this cover from Cosmopolitan, a magazine geared towards women. If this image would be considered as a fantasy image for men, what is it considered for women? If it’s supposed to show women what they can be, does that mean the women who buy it don’t feel they’re already the women they can be?

Marie Claire

Here’s another one, Marie Claire, which is a bit more international, yet has Beyoncé with a little bit of cleavage hanging out. This is a magazine geared towards women; what does this say to the women who are encouraged to buy it? And if a man picked it up, why is he considered a pig? I mean, have you ever walked by the counters at the grocery store? All the magazines geared towards women have pictures like this on them? I’ve seen the guys stop to look, but never pick one up for the fear of how women looking at them might react. Yet women pick them up and buy them; what’s the double standard mean here?


Not that I mind looking at Kelly Ripa in a bikini showing her fit body, but it does beg the question that I can’t answer; why wouldn’t magazines geared towards women have either men or other types of pictures on them? I actually understand the fashion magazines, but these other types of magazines?

Rena Mero

What it all comes down to is marketing, plain and simple. Studies have shown that when it comes to marketing, men and women actually like looking at the same thing, which is bodies that become the fantasy for them in some fashion. It’s like the quote the female wrestler Rena Mero always said in the ring: “Women want to be me, men want to be with me.” Both sides can deny it as much as they want to, but the proof is in the pudding (I’ll have to learn where that phrase came from one of these days).

I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea. I’m not decrying any types of images on magazines. I’m certainly not saying women are pigs, and I’m taking men, well, most men anyway, from the category of being pigs also. What I’m saying is that the best marketing sometimes seems to be to go after the basis instincts of people, understanding the triggers, and hitting them hard.

I had a guy who admitted to me that about 15 years ago his company was just doing “okay”, and what they did was hired 3 young, pretty women right out of college and sent them around 4 states to market their business to hospitals. He said they almost always were let in without an appointment and at least got to talk to CFOs, who were mainly men. And they didn’t fare all that much worse with the women CFOs they encountered. Dare I say that sex really sells?

For those of us without the pedigree to even think of using this as a weapon, it becomes encumber upon us to figure out different strategies for marketing ourselves and our wares. Frankly, I don’t have an answer for anyone; if I did, I might be rich right now. But I will go this far in saying that I think I might do pretty well if I could take this little guy along with me. It’s not sexy, but it’s cute, and people tend to like cute as well. Who’s with me on the puppy?

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28 comments on “If Men Are Pigs, What Are Women?

  • Hmmmm…time to change all my avatars. 😉 Not much to add, you’ve done your research and presented it with excellent examples. But, I’m just a pig so you knew I’d like it. I bet this does well though not as well as the cleavage post you referenced (again!).

    • Mitch Mitchell says:

      Well Scott, that cleavage post turned out to be way more than expected, so I have to keep reminding people about it; yeah, that’s my excuse. lol But these avatars are amazing; stunning to think of just how many pictures there are of scantily clad women on the net and how so many other people grab those images and try to “trick” other people based on them.

  • This is a bit old “black hat” method, I don’t want to mention the name of it. It was developed during the era of MySpace profiles, but still working well on Facebook and Twitter. I think it is fine to be used, but not abused and used for spamming. Unfortunately people that do that are performing quite well and get tons of sales or sign ups. Men avatar can’t be used as weapon as women nature can not be explained and I am sorry women, but logic is not the most powerful side of your nature. For the men – I am sorry to say that, but most males are thinking with the wrong head and fall into trap.

    • Mitch Mitchell says:

      I don’t disagree with you on this one, Carl, obviously since I wrote about it. I’ll admit that it’s fairly easy to fall into the “pretty women” trap of trust and purity, but we all have to be circumspect in this regard, both men and women.

  • Hi Mitch

    Saw an angry message on Twitter yesterday from a successful marketer (a woman) who must have been getting all these same ppl following her. She told them to stop following, not interested and blocked them! I reckon she figured they were biz trying to get sales and were probably men lol

    Also, before you guys get too impressed with the images, the reason you don’t often meet women like this in the real world is cos their photos have been digitally enhanced. So as you fantasise they are just that….a fantasy.

    Sadly the women’s magazines that do this are causing a lot of angst for young impressionable girls who believe these photos are the real deal. They are the ones buying the magazines.

    Real women with a little more intelligence don’t buy them as we see them for what they are. This topic has been debated on morning tv, ad infinitum. That’s what they are telling us here in Oz 😉 Magazine editors know their cheif demographic is the young market who follow trends without too much thought. Just my 2 cents

    • Mitch Mitchell says:

      Pat, the thing is that it’s always been that way. When I think back on it, women’s magazines for the most part have always had images of very pretty women, often dressed sexy or scantily, going back to the early 70’s; that’s as far as my memory goes on this sort of thing. And for the most part the magazines are still around and doing well. It’s just the thought that the marketing to men and women is the same that I’m pointing out, with the only extension being those fake accounts on Twitter. I hadn’t thought of whether those same accounts were attempting to get women to follow them as well; now that’s interesting.

  • I used to buy Cosmopolitan regularly when it first came out (can’t remember how long it’s been going)and I’d disagree with Patricia that it’s only young impressionistic girls who buy them, or that “Real women with a little more intelligence” don’t buy them… When I was into magazines (which I’m not anymore)I loved these sorts of glossy mags. I liked the pictures, I liked the imagery. I didn’t think of them as ‘real’ women though, they were just glossy images to enjoy. And I didn’t read the mags to be educated, as they have dumbed down and mostly pretty stupid content. One doesn’t have to be stupid to want to buy stupid mags, just an eye for something bright. (They’re quite optimistic in content, you won’t see these magazines selling negative content, and I think that’s a big selling point for a lot of women.) Yes, up to a point, women want to be like the models in the mags (and Pat’s right that young girls want to style themselves after them – up to a point, though I think these particular types of glossy mags are for a slightly older readership and most girls who fall foul of this sort of marketing are after an anorexic look rather than sultry, big busted women, so I don’t think that these ones are quite ‘it’.

    Why aren’t men on the covers instead of women? I suspect it’s because women actually like women, not just to ‘be like’ but we actually like looking at each other. There doesn’t have to be a sexual element to it, but sometimes there is. Lesbians and bisexuals read mags as well as straight women.

    Why do the businesses market the same images to women as to men? Because they’ve found something that sells and they keep doing it.

    As for the puppy… nah, not my cuppa tea! Gimme a cute little kitten any day!

    By the by, do you think that the repetition of your cleavage link is actually going to get the ‘thinking readers’ who might like to buy your books and other items you’re trying to sell here? Isn’t it much more likely that you’re just going to attract more spam this way? And also attract the very people who you don’t want to attract?

    • Mitch Mitchell says:

      Val, believe it or not I don’t get any spam because of the cleavage link; not sure why, but the post probably isn’t dirty enough for them. As for the rest, since no one has bought a book or anything else from this blog, thinking or not, I’d have to say “no”.

  • Mitch, I thought that you were doing quite well with that Macaw! I prefer that to that pup. It is more colourful and somehow more reflective of your personality as I have come to understand it. The pup would make you look cuddly! Is that the image you want to project?

    Why do women’s magazines use pictures of women on their covers? Surely, the idea is to impress other women? Men are unimportant for women Mitch!

    • Mitch Mitchell says:

      Rummuser, I identify way more with the puppy; the bird I just happen to like. As to the other, I’m not so sure men are unimportant to women; they’re certainly not wearing makeup for each other all the time.

  • I am with Patricia on this, not all women look like the are in photographs. That is just a marketing plan, the pictures are made by professionals who know how to capture only the most “advantageous” angles.

    And I must admit that having a beautiful woman as a sales person you will most likely have more success with your sales.

    But you can’t ignore the puppy too, he may have great influence if used right 😀

    • Mitch Mitchell says:

      I think it’s interesting that beautiful women are used for both men and women, Alex, which was the main point of the article, yet men are often considered pigs for looking at beautiful women even though they do the same thing.

  • Carolee a.ka. Blogging Biz Mom says:

    Ok, I saw the word “cleavage” again!

    You know what they say…sex sells!

    Even on Twitter!

  • Nice post Mitch!
    ‘Sex sells’, its been known since forever.
    Too bad I have a website related to German grammar, I don’t think there is any possible way I could incorporate some cleavage within my ads 🙁

    • Mitch Mitchell says:

      Amr, I’m thinking anyone could find a way, but it’s probably not appropriate. Although, we have a local commercial that advertises learning at home and the young lady is wearing short pajamas in it. lol And yes, sex sells, and obviously this was kind of a tongue-in-cheek post; have to have fun sometimes, right?

  • Mitch, I love coming to your posts after everyone has painted the rainbow of complementary and contrasting opinions in the comments. Patricia and Val are both wonderful ladies whose opinions I respect. Their contrasting perspectives simply point out that there is no answer to you question.

    But wait! If I fall back on Logic 101, then I’m relieved of searching for an answer as to what women are. Because. Men. Are. Not. Pigs!

    Biologically speaking, we are visually stimulated. Piggish behavior (used colloquially) would be exhibited by those men at the supermarket doing the following:

    Ogle the magazine
    Make a lewd comment
    Wave it around, yelling :Lookit that rack, Bro!”


    As you said, this doesn’t happen. At least not where I shop. LOL.



    • Mitch Mitchell says:

      All right Mitch, you got us all off the hook. lol Actually, I don’t think men are pigs either in general, but I’ve seen where some women really get bent out of shape when they see men they’re with take a quick look at an attractive woman, whether it be live or on a magazine cover.

  • Women gets a lot of attention. For me, people who uses sexy women pics as their twitter avatar knows much about this. It’s an old trick but still, it really works. =)

  • Allan Douglas says:

    I can’t disagree with anything you’ve said. Sex sells. Men look. Some drool.

    But I am forced to remember a work environment that was populated almost entirely by women. Mostly middle aged women. And the way they’d shamelessly flirt with the studly young UPS driver, then the discussions they had afterward about what they’d do if they got him alone in a broom closet for 15 minutes!

    Then we’ve got Marlee’s “15 Male Blogger Hotties” post and Desperate Housewives, and Cougarville. No one can tell me that women don’t drool once in a while too!

    Although… I can not say I’ve ever heard one wolf whistle at a guy.

    • Mitch Mitchell says:

      Wait Allan, I’m not on that male blogger hotties list? Man, I’ve gotta work out more. lol

      My background was working with all women as well, until I went independent. And some of the things I had to hear would have embarrassed a lot of men, but I got used to it pretty quickly. So I know of what I speak. 😉

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