I Found A Dream; Now The Goals…

Back on August 12th I shared a post here talking about my friend Rasheed and his living his dream of driving around the country, meeting people he’s known for years. At that time I said that I didn’t have a dream, and that I needed to work on finding one.

Just about 3 weeks later I think I’ve come across a dream. No, I know I’ve decided on a dream, because it’s strong, it’s big and audacious, it’s crucial, and I know if I apply, work hard, accept opportunity and make myself more vulnerable than I’ve been in the past I can get it done.

Vulnerable, I hear you asking? Actually yes, and once again this came from Rasheed. During our in-person meeting, he started telling me about a woman he saw in person named BrenΓ© Brown, who gave a talk on the subject of vulnerability. He tried explaining it to me and I have to admit that I didn’t get it. I didn’t argue it with him all that much because he was having problems explaining it to me. But once I saw the video, which is about 20 minutes, I got it, and I had to agree that it’s probably one of the most important business worthy and personal worthy presentations I’ve ever seen, and needed to see. Here’s the video:

If you didn’t watch it, shame on you. I’ll give you this much of it though. In essence, the biggest problem most of us have is marketing and sales. BrenΓ© states that every person that’s succeeded at anything has had to make themselves vulnerable to the possibility of being hurt. That’s because no one succeeds on their own, but you have to view it in more ways than one.

If you work for yourself, like I do, it means you have to market in some way. You either sell yourself to potential customers or to those who know how to make contacts so you can work and get paid for it. Even if you create things you need to sell yourself to someone so that you can sell your products. And it’s not easy because we have to be willing to be vulnerable, to get our feelings hurt, and to try again. And it’s easier to do if you have a dream and a goal worth achieving.

So, back to the dream. I’m not going to tell you what the actual dream is, though I could. And strangely enough, it’s not because of a conversation I had with my buddy Mitch Allen, who believes that no one should tell anyone anything about their dreams because studies have shown that when people put their dreams out to the public they don’t come true. Truthfully, other studies have shown that people not afraid to share their dreams will succeed, so that’s null and void.

I’m not sharing the dream because that’s not what’s important. “When” I attain the dream in the time I’m allowing myself to reach the dream, it’ll be more satisfying talking about it then. I’m giving myself a year to reach this dream. It’s a big, audacious hairy dream. It’s a six-figure dream. And I know I can reach it, track record or not.

So why am I writing about the dream if I’m not going to tell you what it is?

Two reasons for now. One, because I want to share my thought process, things I’ve been putting together, things I feel must be considered as I work towards this dream. If you have thoughts about setting plans for attaining your dreams and goals, something like this could benefit you. Or you might look at it and say “man, that’s just too much”; at least you’ll have something to compare it to. Two, because it’s possible that you, the public, will end up helping me reach my dreams while I help you reach your dreams, and frankly, my thinking is that the more people willing to take some chances, becomes a bit more vulnerable, and go after their dreams and goals at the same time is inspiring enough.

And let’s get this out of the way. Even if I don’t hit my dream exactly the process and forward thinking towards the dream is still a good thing. Jack Canfield talks about his goal of making $100,000 the first year of marketing his Chicken Soup book and making $92,000 or so instead. He wasn’t disappointed in that because it was more money than he’d ever made in his life to that point. That’s what we’re after here; who’s with me?

Here’s the thinking process, things that need to be considered:

paul (dex) bica via Compfight

1. Defining why I want the dream and what it will mean to me long term.

2. Defining how much money I need to shoot for to accomplish the dream and still take care of my present bills. Break down how much has to be earned monthly, weekly, and daily, possibly hourly.

3. Define how I’ll physically take care of myself. I must remember to take my medication and I must workout.

4. Define when I’ll work and rest. This one’s important because I don’t take enough time out to rest or workout or even eat, and if I don’t take care of me, I won’t be able to take care of anything.

5. Define all the ways I can make money, prioritize them, plan the marketing and sales and to whom and how.

6. Define if I need an accountability team or partner. This one is a crapshoot because it would be nice to talk to people who decide to join in on coming up with a dream and then setting up a once a week video call on Skype or Hangout to work on encouraging each other. Support systems are always nice.

7. Define all the people I already know that I need to contact in some fashion and then figure out which other industries and people I need to be contacting.

8. Continue with the things I do now that help market myself and brings in some money, which includes blogging of course. No, I will not give up blogging. As a matter of fact, it’s my intention within the next year to suddenly be in the mix of names that people mention when they start talking about the most influential bloggers in the world. That, of course, will depend a lot of those of you who stop by and read and comment, and I thank those of you who do it now.

9. Define what I do now that doesn’t get me closer to the dream and determine if it’s worth continuing with it. That one’s going to be tough to figure out because it borders on thinking about what wastes time versus what brings me a little bit of mental comfort and joy even for a few minutes.

10. Define how I can help others that help me. Did I mention that this isn’t something one does alone? I’ve always put out the offer that I’m willing to help others. Anything long will require payment but truthfully, sometimes people won’t accept help they don’t pay for.

I’m going to get this done, or I’m going to work myself to the bone trying to get there. I already have a goal charting system to work with; I just have to define everything else, stay on point, maximize my time and get to it. Everything truthfully starts on Tuesday, as the holiday is Monday (Labor Day to those not in the country), but I’ve already put a few things together in preparation; never wait until the last minute where your dream is concerned.

That’s it. I wish me luck, and I wish you luck in reaching for your dreams and goals as well.

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  1. I am happy for you. My grandma’s sister used to tell us about not telling our dreams to others. She meant it in a good way. She was a superstitious lady and would keep telling us that once you tell your dream to the world, the probability of it being cast an “evil eye” increases! Though we used to laugh at the whole idea, I knew she had our good will when she mentioned it.

    Dreaming is easy. Really. Making it a reality is a tough one. But not impossible. Here’s to dreaming and making it happen.

    Good Luck to you. May you always, always succeed!

    1. Thanks Hajra; why not join the quest with me, think about a dream, work through the process of planning, and see if you can accomplish something big in a year? πŸ™‚

      1. My life is just not in the best of places right now. I feel I have been doing too much of planning and not executing it right or maybe the right opportunities have not come across. Looks like I have to be more proper with the action of making it happen for me somehow…. πŸ™

      2. Oh, Hajra – listen to Nike, and “Just do it!” Seriously – you CAN overplan a thing and kill it, too.

        What I find works best for me is to form a concrete mental image of the end result – and then pretty much just let it happen. As long as I hold that mental image in mind, it seems to naturally follow that I’ll do the things and spot the opportunities to make it happen. (Yep, folks, I’m loathe to say the words we all know this describes, because then it sounds all spooky and stuff. And it isn’t. It’s just how our brains work.)

      3. That’s a nice way to think about it! Thanks for the encouragement.. will surely give this a try! πŸ™‚

      4. Lol. Not everyone will share about their dreams. Because all of us fear of failure. But as Hajras aunt said to share about dreams, its best all commentators on this post share their dreams.
        Mine : I want to start an IT firm of my own

      5. Anjara, it’s not so much about sharing the specific dream as it is to first have a dream, plan the dream, then find others who can help you towards that dream, either through support or through process.

    2. Thats very true Hajra. Old people used to give a lot of advices but in our young age we dont look at any of those. We never tried to understand that they are speaking from their experiences. But only after years we understand the importance of success. It requires work and determination.

      Thanks for sharing Mitch Mitchell

      1. Thanks for coming by Arun, and for your comment. Something many of us have lost, especially in the U.S., is this thing about following dreams. Maybe our parents didn’t all have it but our grandparents certainly did.

      2. True, we do overlook some of the wisdom of the elder people. But yes, the dreams thing might hold true to some extent. We might laugh at it when we are young, but don’t realize it unless the joke’s on us! πŸ™‚

    3. Hey Hajra,

      Yeah, I have heard that too, like we should not tell our dream or wish to anyone. Maybe, I did believe when I was a kid. LOL!

      But obviously not now.

  2. Good luck! And may the Force be with you!

    It’s an interesting debate about sharing vs. not sharing your dreams. I’ve found that if I share my goals, they’re more likely to happen. But if I share a story I’m writing or even talk about the plot and characters until I’ve got a solid draft of the whole darned thing in hand, it doesn’t happen. A goal is concrete (yes, Mitch Allen, I’ve shared it and by golly, it’s gonna happen – I may not control all aspects or outcome, but the story will be written and I do plan to attend the convention, and will buy you and Marian drinks if you show up). A dream is more like the plot to a story, maybe – something that’s very personal and half formed until it becomes a goal. It’s not the vulnerability that kills it, I don’t think – I think it’s more like popping a soap bubble or trying to look directly at a distant star. Infants gestate in secret in their mothers’ wombs, but babies and children aren’t ready to flee the nest for another couple of decades, give or take!

    1. Interesting perspective Holly; then, that what you’re all about isn’t it? lol You know, whenever I’ve promised something I’ve gotten it done and way ahead of schedule. Whenever it’s business, I’ve never missed a deadline. Yet there are these promises we make to ourselves that we often don’t keep because we don’t value ourselves enough or we find reasons to make them seem to hard to keep up with. That’s why, with this process, I’m taking my habits into account as well. I’ve already seen some mental changes in some of what I do and some resistance as well; but growth will happen.

      1. Maybe you should print this out and post it in front of you:

        The promises we make to ourselves are the most IMPORTANT ones.

        I do think you’re right, and I like to think I value myself more than that, but it bears examining. (Yes, I’ll be printing that statement out as a reminder to myself, as well!)

      2. Yes. I have them – printed out and posted on the wall in front of me. I may have to make them poster sized and color them in with brightly colored paints. They tend to blend into the wall and they’re damnably close to the window. View’s distracting.

      3. I finally bought some foam board and have started my vision board. It will include sayings I hear that I feel are pertinent to the quest as well. Hard finding some other images that fit what I’m looking to do other than the main image, the dream I’m looking to accomplish, but that’s okay for now. It’s sparse, but it’s a start, and I can see it easily from my desk, where I am most of the time.

      4. Oh, yes – that’s helpful, too. Twice it has led to vacations I thought would take YEARS to take! It’s remarkable how things worked out – I used to scoff at the whole concept of a “vision board,” but it works.

    2. Maybe when we talk about our “characters” we might tend to get too many opinions about shaping them up. That opinion might confuse us… I don’t know why but I tend to think of it this way.

      My literature professor said that our characters should be have seen the world while staying inside of our heads and rooted deep within our hearts! If that makes sense!

      1. Your literature professor was wise. I wonder who it was? A writer, no doubt, to understand that so well.

        And you’re right, I think getting too much input from others, no matter how good and helpful it may be, can make it feel like their story, not ours. I like the input, AFTER the story’s written. During the editing phase. But not until the story is a story. Not while it’s still largely in my head. I don’t think I’ve ever REALLY finished any story I’ve published as a work in progress.

      2. She was a writer; though didn’t meet with much deserved success.

        I like to think that our goals are best accomplished when we plan the course out in our heads rather than go through many discussions with a lot of people. Sometimes you have got to be a judge of your decisions and actions.

      3. Is she still teaching? Still writing? I wonder what happened to her. I hope that she at least found satisfaction in teaching. There’s something very fulfilling, I think, about helping others hone their skills and reach for their own dreams. A really good teacher or mentor doesn’t fear a student’s success, but hopes it will outshine their own.

      4. Still teaching and she believes she will till the last day of her life. She has even “warned” the college that she will come teach even after she has reached her retirement age!

  3. Mitch,
    You have to be careful about sharing your dreams because people will crush them–some out of jealousy and spite–while others do it because they have none of their own and don’t want anyone else to have one.

    I am curious about something. Do you see your dreams as the same as the “vision” for your life.

    1. In this case no Bev. Long range goal is to be a professional speaker and presenter. This dream is something specifically tangible, something I can envision, something that has a clear cut finale. The other is hard to visualize as well because the faces blur, where I’m talking is indistinguishable… doesn’t mean I don’t work towards it but I just can’t visualize it.

      As for the dreams, you have a good point. Though I don’t have anyone against my dreams, I also don’t have anyone local or close to me that would be able to help encourage me either, so I’m keeping it close to the vest.

    2. Bev, I wonder…

      There’s a part of me that believes this; yet, there’s another part that says, if my dreams are really important to me – and I want them badly enough – no one can “kill” them. People can stand in your way, but those are only obstacles and challenges.

      I honestly don’t know, but I suspect that if it can be killed, it wasn’t THE dream.

      The closest analogy to this that I can give is my mom’s advice before I married: “If our approval or disapproval of your fiance is enough to sway you, either way, then that is NOT the man you want to be spending the rest of your life with, and you’d do well not to marry him.” Of course, having in-laws who like you – and liking them, too – helps. πŸ™‚ It’s always GOOD when families open their hearts to spouses. But ultimately, it’s not the families that share a bed and a life.

      I think it’s the same with dreams, to some extent, don’t you?

    3. Like I mentioned in my comment, my aunt said the same thing about sharing your dreams with others. Though she always mentioned the “evil eye” of some that might spoil the attaining of our dreams, but yes, something I didn’t believe in earlier and something I might be forced to think about now.

      But don’t you think it is more about making it happen regardless of how much others try to sabotage it?

      1. It’s also possible, I think, to overthink your dreams. I know my parents always meant well – and I think, now that I AM a parent, that it’s a role we have to play – but any time I had a dream, they’d support it wholeheartedly, but also question it to death, in order to ensure that I’d really thought things through and had the ability to execute, and wouldn’t just lose interest. I suppose if the questions make you run out of steam, energy, and interest, the dream’s not really worth pursuing. But it can also seem like dream-killing, at the time.

  4. Holly,
    A true blue friend and confidante will be your biggest cheerleader and EVERYONE should have at least one cheerleader. I do, however, believe sharing your dream with people in general is a bad idea because people will try to alter your dream–suggest you go in a different direction or be mean-spirited. I do believe if you are totally zeroed in on your direction—no one and nothing will kill it. Nice to meet you here, by the way!

    1. That’s a good point – very similar to how I feel about sharing half formed stories before the final draft is done. Once I know how the story plays out, I welcome others’ feedback, because edits are a conscious choice and the end goal is clear. I’m not going to alter the story in a way that doesn’t ring true. But too much input too early and it becomes someone else’s dream. I get that.

      I also know that I’m pretty lucky – I don’t know too many mean-spirited-in-a-dream-killer-kinda-way people. And when I encounter them, I usually see them for what they are, and ignore them. But it’s always a risk; it pays to be careful and protective of your dreams.

      Mitch is right, though, too – if you’re unwilling to be vulnerable to a point, you may close yourself off from opportunities. If you don’t share your hopes and dreams and ask for support, no one can be expected to give it, except by happy accident.

      Glad to meet you, too, Beverly.

  5. I also wish you good luck, Mitch! Go for it and I believe that you better not tell until this dream have some kind of shape. I know you can do it, because you believe in this and you know how things work.

      1. I am going there, too. I have slow down my own progress for pretty long time, partially deliberately, but as well as being under huge pressure from external factors. One step at a time and consistency.

      2. Carl, as I said here, and as communicated in that previous post on dreams, find one thing to concentrate on as your dream, then let things play out as they will. Not that you don’t continue working and making money, but the dream will show you the way and make other things seem more palatable.

  6. Hello Mitch,

    First of all, I clicked on the video before reading “If you didn’t watch it, shame on you.”.

    And I think, I am a person from the second study you mentioned about the dreams and sharing it with others.

    To be honest, I do not have a “year dream”, like what I want to do or get in this year or next year. But I do have few dreams for my life, what I want to achieve in my life. I am not sure, I am doing exactly what I have to do to get it. But I will do whatever I may need.

    I am working on the “year dream” (I guess, I already have some idea about it, though. I just haven’t worked on figuring it out), I will surely jump to this post as I figure out. πŸ™‚

    I loved all your 10 points you mentioned here in this post. The one I liked the most and read it, I guess 3 times, is #9. I think, about it many times, try to figure out.

    I wish you good luck for your dream. (Well, you can share your dream with me privately..hhehe)

    1. Thanks Abhi, and I hope you find a “year” dream as well. That #9 is a tricky one because it could mean giving up some weird little pleasure or it could mean to stop hanging out at certain places with people who aren’t going to help you towards your goals and might actually work against you. Or it might not mean anything; that’s how “points” go sometimes. πŸ™‚ Good luck on your quest as well.

      1. That’s a very good point and also important. We may have to stop meeting some of our friends and stop visiting some of our favorite places who/which may distract us from our goal. That is going to be difficult, though, but it is an important thing which we should take care of.

        Thanks for your wishes, Mitch!

        BTW, I just noticed, this comment is #100 comment. πŸ˜€

      2. Way to go Abhi! And it’s not all your friends and places. Your supportive friends are the ones you want to give more of your time to because those people totally respect you. As for places, well, every once in awhile we might have to determine whether the interaction is worth our time if it’s during the daytime. At night, go enjoy yourself.

  7. This is great Mitch… and very inspiring too. I remember one of my mentors says…. to be successful in life a person must have a dream, plan, and act.

    If you don’t have a dream you won’t be successful in life.

    Thanks for the inspiring post. Good Luck Mitch!

    1. Thanks Jhong. Actually, some years ago Anthony Robbins said if a person don’t have a dream, they die. Kind of blunt but I knew what he meant, as I certainly haven’t felt like I’ve been living all that much over the past bunch of years.

  8. Hi Mitch,
    I am a person who has over the past several years made my dreams come true. I am a strong believer that one should believe in themselves and trust that what they are dreaming about is viable and its all left up to them to make it come true.

    1. Way to go Elizabeth! I’ve made some of my dreams come true in the past but this is something different, more specific, and really a big deal. And I plan on pulling it off; I must!

    2. Self confidence is a very important thing you mention here. Once that is lost or if it falls shorts, plans might go hay wire. When counseling people, once thing I most importantly tell them is that confidence in your abilities should not be shaking. It has to be there at all times – a belief, that your dreams will come true, and you will work towards making it happen.

  9. Where did you get the goal charting system?

    A support system is helpful for many. Another thought is to chart out where you’re spending your time each day.

    You’ve made the first step. Enjoy the journey!

    1. Steve, I got it from a book called Get Clients Now by C.J. Hayden. The chart is wonderful and it can be used for the purpose that I’m going to use it for as well as getting clients. And thanks; we’ll probably be talking while I’m on this quest here and there. πŸ™‚

  10. I wish you all the very best Mitch. You are on the right track.

    I heard Brene Brown on TED and then bought her book The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are. It is an amazing book and I strongly recommend it to you.

  11. You’re half way to accomplishing your goal, Mitch, as I believe that the first half is what you’ve done so far: saying “yes” and laying out your plan of action. Congratulations!

    I look forward to reading the follow-up post that shares the ups and downs as well as your next big goal.

  12. Hi Mitch,

    This post is very interesting and I really enjoyed listening to BrenΓ© Brown’s talk.
    I never said they won’t come true. I said that they’re less likely to happen.
    As it turns out, Derek Sivers, the source of the perspective I shared with you, also has a talk on TED:

    “Shouldn’t you announce your goals, so friends can support you?
    Isn’t it good networking to tell people about your upcoming projects?
    Doesn’t the β€œlaw of attraction” mean you should state your intention, and visualize the goal as already yours?
    Tests done since 1933 show that people who talk about their intentions are less likely to make them happen.
    Announcing your plans to others satisfies your self-identity just enough that you’re less motivated to do the hard work needed.”

    I agree with that whole-heartedly. There have been examples in my life that worked just like that. It’s nobody’s fault but my own, however, I know that it is not enough to just keep quiet. Hard work and overcoming obstacles form the rest of the equation for getting to your goals.

    I believe that you are doing what needs to be done. The fact that you disagree with Sivers’ idea only makes you stronger. Look at it this way, if his assertion is false, you haven’t wasted any time considering it. More correctly, your counter-argument stands tall and supports your belief that the assertion is false. If his assertion is true, then your counter-argument must be counteracting the negative impact. Besides which, you haven’t shared the goal so, either way, you’re golden. LOL

    @Holly, my ill-fated foray into NaNoWriMo, announced on CCC and given the heart-warming support of that community infused such a hit of self-indulgence, I felt as if the task had already been completed. When the time came to actually do 1,667 words a day, on topic, with coherence required … well, I just wasn’t up to the task. It was around that same time, just before the start of NaNoWriMo (according to my Evernote record) that I heard Derek Sivers on TED.



    1. Actually Mitch, I didn’t totally disagree with it, otherwise I’d have told everyone here what the dream was. I’ve shared dreams in the past and didn’t hit them and no one said anything about it, so I’m not worried about that. But this dream is vivid, and I feel like keeping it to myself. However, if I felt like telling it I would; you know how I am. lol

    2. Exactly why I don’t talk plot and specifics… but you’re right, sometimes the support does lead to self-indulgence and a feeling of achievement where there is none. “I felt as if the task had already been completed.” In a way, you’ve put your finger on the reasons I’ve treated all but the first NaNoWriMo as sort of a class reunion party. But in a way, the job I set out to do there, to prove to MYSELF that I was actually capable of sustaining an idea through a work the length of a novel, was accomplished in that FIRST year, and I’ve had nothing to prove, since. Okay – I guess I do, this year. It’s not a novel, but it’s time to bust butt. And that may mean turning off the Internet like a disciplined child.

  13. an awesome post Mitch – and I use that word rarely!! Such sheer honesty and humbleness – and with that plan I don’t think you can fail – specially with all your support from your readers πŸ™‚ Great Seeing you last week!!

  14. Hallo Mitch ,
    Just want to wish you all the best,Eleanor Roosevelt
    “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” thanks

  15. Hi Mitch!
    i read your blog and i like it.most of us have dream but someone complete that dream.i have also a dream like you and sometime think that it would be complete or not.but you have a power to fulfill and dedicate to your dream then obviously it would.so my good wish with you mitch.
    thanks for joining this blog……..

    1. Thanks Anshul. If we set our dreams and believe in our dreams, at the very least we move forward, and that means a better life. I love thinking of that life. πŸ™‚

  16. hi Mitch….
    awesome post after reading this…. lots of thinking is going in my mind…. i found my dream that i have to improve in all aspect to become most most desirable man….

  17. I actually tell my family and friends about my dreams. It tells them what kind of person I am and at the same time they could give me feedback or could be potential allies. I’m a very open guy and so far this has worked for me. Although it’s difficult to be vulnerable at first, it will become easier when you associate with people that share the same dreams or perhaps align with yours. And at the same time, just ignore or reject people who will mock you for your dream.

    I might need a notebook to write down the thinking process of achieving my dream. Thanks

    1. Thanks for sharing Vincent. I’ve told my wife and mother and a couple of friends, and that’s it. I just don’t want to put it out to everyone else; it wouldn’t be their dream and there would be more questions that I’m not ready to answer just yet. Good luck on your dreams.

  18. Congratulations are surely in order! I’m really, excitedly happy for ya Mitch. I think your plan is solid. Especially laying out the money making opp’s and setting them up to succeed. Too often we focus on the big time consuming goals and miss out on the stuff that takes less time and generates cash much sooner. You’re off to an amazing start I ‘m eager to see you hit your milestones and eventually the big guy, the dream!

    1. Thanks Mys. When I hit this dream life will not only be sweet, but a pattern of success will be established that should carry me forward for the rest of my career. And I wish the same to everyone as well.

  19. I am happy for you and wish you the best of luck. I think it is brilliant you are chasing your dream and do not let anyone get in the way of it. I hope you succeed, you are showing people that fulfilling your dreams are possible.

  20. This was a profound post, Mitch!

    I’m glad to hear you have found that dream and that you have something to strive for.

    Sometimes I’m surprised by people I know who are content to merely exist and work their job, hit the bars on the weekends and then do it all over again next week.

    It’s tough these days but I try to make sure that everything I’m doing is bringing me closer to my goals. Man, it’s tough. Did I mention that it’s tough?

    Oh well. I can’t wait to see what the big dream is when you decide to unveil it. Let me know if I can help out. I’d love to see you make it happen. All the best!

    1. Hi John; thanks for the love. Part of my doing this is to encourage other people to think about doing it as well, even if they don’t want to do the same time frame as me. Overall, it’s a mind shift change that I’ve already undergone to a degree, that I’m working on spreading even further. I have goals and dreams; time to go get them.

  21. Mitch, having spoken with you on a couple of occasions and reading this post and the way you have laid out your plans, I have no doubt you will achieve this dream/goal.

    It is true that a lot of people just talk about their dreams and to nothing.
    But, if they have someone that they are accountable to, then they have no option but to follow through and do what they said.

    1. Thanks George. Almost all dreams are possible with the right belief, a plan, and a reason for attaining the dream. That’s what I have, and that’s what I’m going to grab by the throat and get it done.

  22. Hey Mitch,

    I have no doubt my friend that you’ll succeed. You know what you want, you KNOW you can have it (from our past chats) so you put that plan in place and go for it.

    I think you should get an accountability partner so they can not only help you stay on track but be that cheering section and support system that’s so important because like you said, we can’t do this alone. It’s just nice to have that support from someone that also needs some accountability.

    I can’t wait to hear your progress and I wish you the very best of luck my friend. Go for it.


    1. Adrienne, I so want an accountability partner, but I’m finding it difficult to do. There always seems to be a problem with accountability, in that the other parties I keep picking find other things as more of a priority that staying committed to the process. It was funny earlier today when we had our Hangout and Angus said when I got there “I knew you’d be first because you’re committed.” That’s exactly what I am; I do nothing if I’m not committed to it. πŸ™‚

  23. Congratulations and best of luck with your dream Mitch. I think there is something to talking about your dreams – makes it seem more real and you feel you can’t let others down once you do share it. It also may make you feel more connected to others and your dream.

    #4 is so important – you can’t take care of anything if your health goes down.

    1. Our health is really is in our hands at times. And we really are responsible for it. Though we may be “attacked” by something unexpected; but we can always believe and try our best!

      1. That’s true Hajra. In my case, being diabetic, I have to make sure I don’t eat bad too often because then it throws off my entire day and schedule, and I can’t have that if I plan on hitting my goal for the year.

    2. Thanks Lisa. Today was the first official day & I started out with the exercises for my back & leg and ate such that I wouldn’t put myself to sleep during the day. It was a great first day, and I’m expecting plenty more.

  24. AWESOME MITCH!!!! Congrats on putting yourself on the path to living your dreams. I have a HUGE DREAM TOO! Look forward to the opportunities to encourage and engage in each others dreams to make them become reality in this world. Blessings.

    1. Thanks Edward. This feels pretty good because it’s been a long time since I had a true dream. Also planning lots of other stuff as well as I push for overall improvements while attaining my dream.

  25. Mitch, I’m not going to wish you luck because I don’t believe in luck. I am going to wish you many blessings on making your dream come true. As you know, everyone small success is a major stone in building the foundation for your heart’s desire.

    If you don’t mind, I’d like to share my BIG, AUDACIOUS DREAM. I desire a property in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. That is not a cheap place to live, but I know the investment will be worth it.

    When I first spoke that I wanted it, I was trying to figure out what I was going to do with it when I wasn’t using it. I was thinking timeshare, vacation home or some other rental. I read a book on copywriting and the author had the same desire – a city in another part of Wisconsin, and he was unable to afford it at that time. He was advised to conduct trainings, write it off as a business expense and make a profit. After I read that, I was sooooooooo excited.

    Well, I’m going to make my property a retreat and training center. That’s all I have for now. I know I have to take classes and make connections to learn the basics. However, I know that it will be good.

    Thanks for allowing me to share. And again, blessings in your endeavors.

    1. Thanks for sharing your dream Marcie. If you can see it and the rest of the senses, then it’s possible and you can achieve it. I’d always had this dream of owning a large house but I couldn’t envision it & had no idea what it would look like, so I couldn’t focus on it. This current dream I see it & can focus on it; I think that’s a very important step.

  26. Hey Mitch,

    Thanks for amazing post. Dreams are a great part of life. Most people use them to imagine what could be or “I wish” but your dreams can come true if you are willing to put in the work. Dream Big or go home!


    1. Thanks Joe, and welcome to the blog. I think most people have dreams and then forget them because it does take a lot of work and a break from being comfortable. Well, I haven’t been comfortable anyway so let’s get this dream and break it down! I hope you have a dream and are working on achieving it as well.

      1. Boy do I have dreams. We’d have to create a whole new post to list them out. And yes, I am breaking them down day by day! Thanks for peep talk and pick me up!

      2. No problem Joe, and glad you’ve found your way here. And if you have to create a new post every day, I’m betting your blog and your readers would benefit greatly from it. πŸ™‚

  27. Wow, what a great article. It really has me thinking about my dreams and goals. I enjoy how you laid it out in steps for your dream, such as why you do it, what it will accomplish. It also commendable that you look at how your time is spent and is it getting you to where you want to be. I agree 100% how a dream should also be about helping others. This article will be shared with my sphere, since you have good advice and to support you on your dream journey. Success to you!

    1. Thanks a lot Jessica; that means a lot. I not only expect to reach my dream over this next year but I hope others will join in on the revolution and strive for a defined dream as well. I feel mentally better already and I think it’s the kind of thing that can be shared, as I believe there’s enough abundance for everyone.

  28. Hello Mitch,

    I’m with our power50 group at Facebook but I rarely visit blogs because I’m busy doing #5 step of your post,

    “5. Define all the ways I can make money, prioritize them, plan the marketing and sales and to whom and how.”

    It seems I have to modify my steps though because I keep running in circles, instead of moving forward.

    Here in our part of the world (and I believe, even in other places) the old folk say “When you dream, dream big because it’s free to dream.” I believe them because it’s only when you dream big that good things happen.

    Dreaming big, however, entails hard work and persistence, just as you have mentioned. The ideas that you have pointed out in your post are worth a try. I would adapt those that could be useful for my specific dream.

    Revealing your dreams also would be advantageous if you reveal them to the right persons, who can help you fulfill them. Revelation to pessimists, though, would not help.

    I look forward to an update and a follow-up post about your dream. Keep dreaming because you inspire others to dream too.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jena; I’m honored by your presence. Here’s the thing I see. Dreaming big works, but doing things in measurable chunks works just as well. This dream I have now is easily measurable and I can envision it. It’s still big, but it’s not as big as my lifetime dream. I can’t see that one so my belief is that I need to take measured dreams that I can see and feel and go for those first. Success builds upon success, and even though the work is still hard, if you see what you can accomplish it inspires you to go for bigger things.

      If you think of it like that and build up to your ultimate dream, it might help you break out of the circle. Accomplishments are inspiring, don’t you think? πŸ˜‰

      1. I can see what you mean. Yes, Mitch, one could also do it that way. Small successes along the way leading to the ultimate goal, like short term goals to achieve your long term goals.

  29. I think it is so important to have a dream and follow it. That’s what I was told by my mum all the time. Have a dream and make that dream your purpose in life. Today, I credit all my success to this philosophy – ‘Have your dream, make it your purpose in life and make it happen.’ This post just brought back those memories when Mum would give us these secrets to live a happy life. Working towards achieving one’s dream gives one the sense of fulfillment without which life becomes mundane.
    Good luck with your dreams! Keep dreaming everybody.

  30. I think those who dream are the ones who make it big. That’s because these people dare to think beyond convention. They are ready to take chances, ready to fail and then ready to try again. Like you said, you have to have some vulnerability. Only then can you taste failure and yet find in it the aroma of success. That’s when you know you are closing in on your dream. I wish you good luck with your dream. And I’ll make sure I follow through with mine.

    1. Thank you David, and I like your perspective on things. I like steps of progress because they build upon each other, and I know that when I hit the first dream, the next dream is right around the corner.

  31. I remember being told that if I ever dreamt about lotto numbers I should never tell anyone about it otherwise those numbers would never come up. I suppose that theory would hold up for your dream Mitch.

    Didn’t watch the video but only because it never came up. All I get is a blank space where it should be.

    Naturally I wish you the best of luck with your dream Mitch. If anyone can pull it off you can.

  32. We all are running after some or the other dream. Some can fulfill their dreams while some cannot. The point is you should not be discouraged if you couldn’t make it rather you should be happy about making an approach and achieving something if not all. To do anything in life, there has to be a proper plan of action which is to be followed. This blog tells us how we should plan our goals. I won’t say that this blog will make your dream come true but yes it will take you close to your dream, very close.

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