How To Train Your Dragon – My Review

You know, sometimes I feel like I just know how to call a movie that’s not only going to be good, but is also going to be popular. Such is the case with the new movie How To Train Your Dragon.


Okay, so I’m a big kid at heart; I loved this movie! It’s the story about a kid whose father is the leader of Vikings, and they lead a fairly idyllic life in relative cold and their only problem is that they have to deal with dragons on an almost daily basis. The main character is named Hiccup, mainly because he’s a super klutz with no real skills and always seems to be messing things up at the wrong time, such as when the Vikings are battling dragons.

Along the way he finds a way to interact with a special dragon known as a night fury, which he names Toothless (but it has teeth) because they’re almost invisible at night, due to being black, and he discovers some things that aren’t know about the dragons and why they’re always attacking the Vikings and stealing their stuff. That’s about all I’m going to give you as far as what the movie is about; if I were writing this three weeks later, I’d say a lot more.

I have to say that they got the main character absolutely correct, as well as his voice. I don’t know this actor, Jay Baruchel, but they couldn’t have gotten anyone else who could have done that part. Gerard Butler, who’s also in the new movie with Jennifer Aniston, portrays the Viking leader, and I have to say I wouldn’t have been able to come up with it being him, nor America Ferrara as the lead female character.

You know, I really can’t think of all that much more to say about it without giving anything away except to say that it’s not just a kid’s movie, which means I believe adults will get a lot of joy out of it. I didn’t see the 3-D version this time around, and truthfully, I think you could get away without seeing it in that version. I loved the bright colors, and I’m not sure how much fun you get when you’re seeing 3-D when the background is darker, which it is in many scenes in this movie. This was a lot of fun; I almost want to go see it again. ­čÖé Here’s one of the trailers:


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12 thoughts on “How To Train Your Dragon – My Review”

    1. One other thing, Ching Ya; the guys who did this movie also did Lilo & Stitch, which I love.

      1. Ching Ya, the movie just came out, so if you can get it at a video store, I don’t want to know! lol

  1. This trailer looks GREAT! I need to watch this movie as soon is possible.
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  2. I took my 5 yr old daughter to see this yesterday, and we both loved it. Dreamworks is really amazing – not only do they do brilliant lifelike graphics etc, but more importantly they have a knack of getting the characters spot on.

    We watched it in 2D, but I felt quite dizzy in some of the flying scenes – it must be awesome in 3D. My daughter found it a little scary in places, but only slightly.

    Anyone who hasn’t seen it – you have to!
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    1. Thanks for the assisted review, Rod. A friend of mine asked if it was calm enough to take her 3-year old grandson to, and I really didn’t know how to answer it except to say it might be a bit intense at times.

      1. Yes, I think it may be a bit intense in parts – and at 98 minutes probably a bit long for the average 3 year old too. But I guess it depends on the child.
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      2. I guess this particular 3-year old was able to make it through the entire movie The Squeakuel (I’m so ashamed lol), so his attention span works. Guess I’ll learn later if she decided to take him or not.

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