Man, I wish I’d written this. I came across a post on a site called One Cool Site that was titled WordPress Blogging Tips. I have to say that it’s probably closest to the perfect article on this topic of making money by blogging that I’ve ever seen, and it doesn’t even talk about monetizing, affiliate ads, promoting products, or anything like that.

In essence, the article has 18 points that should be considered as ways to help your blog make money. Most of the 18 points links to another article within the site, and that’s actually one of the tips, deep linking within one’s own site. I touched upon the topic of optimizing old blog posts by internal linking myself, and y’all have seen how often I link to other articles I’ve already written. Something else I do that I don’t see as many people doing as I do is linking to other things that aren’t a part of my site, as well as authority links on topics that we’re addressing in our posts. You saw how I linked to Keral’s post on future WordPress posting because it was truly authoritative.

One place where I may be very deficient is his point #13, developing a brand. I’m not sure I have a specific brand that someone might qualify me with. I mean, I talk about blogging, internet marketing, affiliates, websites, web design, books, finances, health issues, motivation, and even a bit of silliness from time to time; I’m not sure. How would y’all classify me as far as brand goes, those of you who’ve checked out at least 3 posts of mine?

Anyway, I recommend you check out that post above, and click through to the articles it’s linked to. If you want to learn way more about blogging and monetizing than you know how, it’s great. And, do I have internal linking down, or what?

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