How To Get On The News Without Committing Murder – Book Review

My friend Beverly Mahone will not be showing up on any of my Black Web Friday posts. She doesn’t have to because I’ve written so many times about her and mentioned her so many times, including this interview with her that she’s like one of the family. If you don’t already know enough about her by reading this blog, then including her on one of the Friday posts won’t do any good.

How to Get on the News Without Committing Murder

How’s this instead then? Let’s talk about her latest book with the long title How to Get on the News Without Committing Murder, which I got to read an early copy of and which is, obviously, now released. This is a book that teaches you how to use your skills and age, if you happen to be of baby boomer age, in getting attention from the press, to the point at which they start calling you as the expert in whatever field you’re representing, and thus helping to increase your presence and your business. How cool would that be, having people calling you up to work with them because they saw you on TV, and it was free publicity to boot?

Bev does this and more in a relatively short book, less than 55 pages, and it’s a very easy and quick read, no fluff. My wife actually read the book, and she’s not a big reader, and she obviously likes Bev’s style because she read Bev’s last book Don’t Ask, which I wrote about here.

In this book she gives you 8 tips for how to get the media to notice you, then goes into detail with each tip. I’m not about to give up the entire book, but I’m going to mention 3 tips and hope that encourages you to at least take a look at what else there is. Here they are:

* Use Your Age And Experience As Advantages

* Build Media Relationships

* Learn How To Write A Dynamic Press Release

I have to tell you that while reading an advanced copy of this book, I decided that the second point I listed was one I needed to take advantage of. I happen to know a lot of local media people, but always thought it wouldn’t be right to try to leverage it into anything else because I didn’t meet them in other than social situations. After reading that section of her book I decided to contact a couple of them to tell them what I did and offer to be a differing point of view from an older perspective if they ever needed it.

Both of the people I contacted thanked me, said they’re always looking for new perspectives and said they really didn’t know that’s what I did, even though one of them had seen me at a live event where I gave a presentation, but unfortunately we were up against each other (I drew more people lol).

This is a great book to read and let me add this; guess who wrote the foreword for the book! 🙂 If that doesn’t get you juiced up enough to at least take a look at the book I don’t know what will. And if you want to see more testimonials and reviews about the book How to Get on the News Without Committing Murder, click on that link to her site.

Go buy this! 😉

18 thoughts on “How To Get On The News Without Committing Murder – Book Review”

  1. Mitch,

    This is the kind of review people pay for 🙂 Seriously, I sincerely appreciate you tooting my horn. Actually, that’s one of the things I talk about in the book: Tooting the horn of others is a win-win for publicity. Some people are so caught up in making sure you know all about them in social media that they forget the real component is “relationship building.”

    Long before I knew what you did, we developed a relationship of getting to know each other and to develop a mutual respect. That element is missing in many social media connections.

    You are a master at tooting the horn of others. I, for one, am grateful because I get to meet some other cool folks in the process—and that’s how business grows.

    Now, all of MY friends are going to learn more about you and whoever else posts here because that’s how it’s done.

  2. Hi Mitch, Thanks for this wonderful review about this book. The title is very interesting. I’m figuring out why we have to commit murder in getting any news? I think it’s all about the details a writer is giving to the readers that made him being criticized or “murdered”. Hmm. I better check the book. Thanks for the link!

  3. I think the title is released, as I think I saw an add or a review few days ago, or probably somebody shared a link on social media. 55 pages sounds reasonable to me and probably I will read it as it wont require more than a day.

      1. Today, Google will send monthly earning for me and I feel quite happy, so I think I will buy the book, as there will be some extra cash to spend. I remember the interview with her and I quite like it, she is excellent professional.
        By the way Mitch, you are turning into some kind of celebrity for Chronos, everyday he want me to come to your blog or want to watch your videos, wow.

      2. Carl, your son has excellent taste. 🙂 I’ll have to make more videos so he’ll have more to watch. Ah, the big Google check; got mine also, but since that Panda update the funds are a lot lower. 🙁

      3. I will publish more of your videos on my website today, one is already up, there is a special section for you, however the first attempt wasn’t that successful, I guess when there is a gallery of few more videos there will be more views, actually I haven’t run a newsletter for this project yet, as it just complete beta testing. I will also include this video category in the newsletter.
        By the way, AdSense can also be paid by WU, I got my money this way yesterday. I think this is a new option and it is much faster, as well Google for the WU tax for up to 9k. Probably in the states doesn’t matter, but if I get earnings by check I need to wait 2 weeks for mail to arrive and another 2 weeks to get money from the bank.

  4. What a wonderful review Mitch and Beverly’s book sounds very intriguing.

    I’m so glad to hear that you took some of her advice and moved forward. I love that saying, “we don’t know what we don’t know but once we do know, we can do better”. Sounds like that’s what her book will do. Help us to learn what to do for those of use who just don’t know.

    I just may have to get me a copy so thank you so much for sharing this with us.


    1. No problem Adrienne and I do hope you buy a book “from my link”. lol It’s good stuff, and you know I’m not recommending garbage. And it’s short and sweet; who could complain?

  5. Hi Mitch! the title of this book is really very interesting. That is why i’m so excited to grab copy of this book. And providing this video is really a great idea to because it really helps get the point. Thanks for the review and for the link.

  6. wow…I like how you actually included the video! This is an awesome review! Makes me wanna buy the book! It is true about taking advantage of getting all the attention through the press! Just need to know how to 🙂
    I shall recommend the book once I get it!

  7. Nice review Mitch! Beverly has done a great job putting her book together and getting the word out. Hadn’t seen her video yet. How did I miss it. Great way to share

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