Well, stuff is definitely hitting the fan now, isn’t it Facebook? You get called out when the world gets alerted that you messed up by allowing a company named Cambridge Analytica to access all sorts of personal information from around 2 billion people (ouch!), then you get called out because you’re possibly calls, texts, contacts and calendar of your mobile users, and then you went and made my friend Holly mad enough to delete Facebook for good… again. Y’all are in it deep now!

Actually, where privacy is concerned, most of us are in a morass in many ways. Not only us but our family members, some of whom aren’t even on the platform. That’s because it’s all tied into other properties like Instagram, those pages you visit that Facebook is connected to… on and on… as well as our participation on Facebook; shame on us… maybe…

Why maybe? Because it’s possible that some of you have followed my advice when it comes to what you share about family or taking precautions against using and doing certain things so Facebook can’t get to them. Let me share my story first.

Are we connected on Facebook? If not, try to find me there on Google or any of your own search engines. You can’t, can you? You won’t either. Facebook has a privacy setting for that, so only people you openly share your Facebook link with can find you. And if you don’t grant them access, or later on you remove them, they’re pretty much gone forever… unless someone else lets them in by sharing something you’ve put up.

While that’s always potentially problematic, I have a rule of thumb governing it; be open and truthful without sharing it all. For my personal feed, I have it sculpted so only people I want to see what I post will initially see it. Every once in a while someone sees something I posted because they’re connected to someone I’m connected to. Luckily, I don’t have a lot of people I’m worried about sharing anything with… just some folks I’d rather make it harder for them to see.

For instance, I don’t share my birthday; my wife’s name, Mom’s name or my home address. I’m not listed in the phone book (who still has one of those?) and very few people have my mobile number. My business website lists my PO box number and my business line. My business line can be tracked to my home address easily enough, but I’ve found that most people have no clue about how to do it. I’m not going to tell you if you don’t know, but even if you do, I’m not worried about anyone finding out. Trust me, you’ll stand out in this neighborhood and there’s a lot of nosy neighbors. lol

I share what I don’t mind being seen by anyone. I don’t drink or smoke or take drugs, and I’ve also never said a curse word; no worries about anyone seeing any salacious behavior from me. If I’m out of town I’m not worried about anyone sneaking up to the house and robbing me; I have nosy neighbors, an alarm system, and lights and cameras covering the back of the house (which is hard to get into anyway since it’s wooded, there are animals of all types out there) when I’m away… which isn’t happening as long as Mom’s here with me.

I don’t have Facebook on my phone; never have. I also don’t have Messenger on my phone; I hate being tracked, although Android gets to track me since I have a lousy sense of direction and need it to help me get where I need to go.

I’ve never gone to any websites and liked anyone’s Facebook link; I’ve never even considered it. I also can’t be tracked by Facebook as long as I’m using Firefox because I use an add-on called Facebook Tracking and Ad Removal. Any page connected to Facebook is automatically blocked; I’m covered! By the way, in case someone says “hey, your share button includes linking to Facebook”… no one’s ever clicked it and if someone wants to share something I wrote that way, who am I do say they can’t? 🙂

The point I’m making is that if you want to be on Facebook for your own reasons and you’re worried about your privacy, you can do or don’t do things to help protect it. Nothing’s 100%; not even me being truthful to the masses (I’ll tell you what I want to tell you and that’s all!).

A good first step is learning how to set some privacy filters on their website. I know you think I’m going to tell you how to do it; nope! That’s because Holly (can’t believe she’s getting a 2nd mention) has already done it for you in a post from 2015 where she actually show you how to set your privacy settings. If you follow her instructions, then you go back and read the link above on how I’ve sculpted my Facebook feed, you’ll be at least 80% more private than you are now. And if you use Firefox or Chrome and add FB Purity to the mix, you’ll also be much happier.

There are a lot of articles telling people they should delete their Facebook accounts because of privacy issues. Trust me, if you’re alive and someone really wants to find you, they can pay for the information; so much for privacy. If you’re like my wife and have an anathema to social media in general, you’ll be just fine. If you’ve enjoyed some of your social media experience, just be diligent about it.

By the way, please visit my friend Rasheed Hooda’s blog also. Not only did he write about Holly, Ramama and myself but he’s also my first sponsor; yay! 😀

As for you Facebook… y’all behave yourself!

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