Lynn Terry of Clicknewz, is turning into one of my favorite people, online or offline. We’ve had a couple of conversations with each other through email, and I’ve talked before about her weekly internet marketing online get togethers on Tuesdays.

What separates us, besides lots of dollars and time on the internet, is what defines who’s a professional and who’s still got a long way to go. While I’ve written what has become the beginning of my series on blogging, Lynn recently referred her regular readers, through an email, to a series of posts she’s made over the years telling people how she makes money online. I thought these were fascinating articles, and asked her if I could put the links to those articles here. She has agreed, and so here you go:

How I Make Money Online

How I Make Money Online Part 2, An Inside Look

Starting A Free Online Business

Where Lynn Was 10 Years Ago

Of course I talk all the time about making money online, but I haven’t made any yet! 🙂 Okay, a little here and there, but certainly not enough to live off. It’s not only great to find someone like Lynn who’s willing to share how she does it, but is willing to allow others to help her share the information. Truthfully, this goes well with my post on selling online because she proves you don’t have to constantly beat people over the head to make big time money online.

Thanks Lynn, for allowing me to post this. And I hope all of us can learn some of these same lessons for our futures.

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