How “Big” Are You Ready For?

Though I have another career, I really want to make good money online. I was going to add “through whatever means necessary”, but I realize that’s not quite true. I also realize that I’ve probably been limiting myself in some ways, mainly because I’m not ready for the consequences of doing certain other things.

For instance, when one thinks about how big they want to be online, most believe they want to make millions. That’s a laudable goal, but the truth is that most of us are set up right now to possibly make a few thousand, but may not be thinking ahead to what may lie in wait if we did have the opportunity to make way more money. For instance, if you started to get 100,000 visitors a week, or a month, are you ready for the increasing cost of your hosting package? Are you ready to pay more in taxes? Are you ready for any and everything that might come along?

I came across this post by Zac Johnson, known as the Super Affiliate Marketer, called How I Made $860,538.38 PROFIT in 4 Months!, and it was amazing reading. He actually got to the point where he had to purchase his own servers to handle his site, and not just one but 17 of them; ouch!

It’s actually a great story. He hit upon a niche, uploaded lots of free content, put the word out and people flocked like crazy. With numbers, people clicked on and bought a lot of his other stuff, but all that traffic comes with a price itself, and he worked a lot of hours both upfront and while it was all going on, and had a lot of worry because he knew he couldn’t afford to let his system go down even for ten minutes.

He also talks about all the different programs he signed up for and tested, and which ones paid him and how. Instead of rehashing his, I’ll mention that I’m with Commission Junction, Google Adsense, Performics, Joel Comm, Shawn Casey, Clickbank, and recently signed up as an affiliate for a niche medical billing site that ties in well with my new medical billing site. I didn’t link to any of those sites here, except for my new medical billing site, since they’re all easy enough to find. I’ve also signed up with TextLinkAds for this blog, but I’ve had to get an advertiser who wants to market on this site, or so I’ve been told when I wrote the company to ask them why nothing was showing up yet.

I mentioned on my 101st post a few days ago that I’d made $8 on this blog thus far. What I hadn’t mentioned is that, across the board, I’ve made around $650 online over the years with all the stuff I sell, which is more than my web costs have been, so I’m slightly ahead of the game. However, I just earned another $100 on Adsense, and the amazing thing about that is that this is the first time I’ve reached that figure in less than a year. Okay, eleven months, to be truthful, but also to be truthful, the amounts have jumped ever since I purchased Joel Comm’s Adsense Secrets, which I’m not linking to because it’s over there on the right side, and that was, what, February or March? So, I’m hoping that the next $100 I make is six months or less, and less wouldn’t depress me one bit.

Anyway, I love reading these types of stories and reports of online income. Many of the big time bloggers post their monthly statistics, such as John Chow and I realize I have a long way to go. I only hope that, if things really do take off, I’m ready for the next step in the process.

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3 comments on “How “Big” Are You Ready For?

  • Mitch me old son, we all have to start somewhere and when you start at the bottom, the only way you can go is up!

  • True Sire, but how much “up” are most people ready for? I think about it all the time, so I believe I’d be ready for it, but many people only think about getting there, not what to do once it comes, and they end up poor again.

  • Get there first and worry about what to do with it later, making sure of course we don’t end up poor again

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