In my previous post, I asked Are You Using Social Media For Promotion? This time around, I’m asking how people use it, and I’m going to tell how I’ve been using some of it.

First, let’s start with Twitter. Since I signed up with Twitter, the number of visitors has gone up. I know it’s because every post I write on all my blogs shows up on Twitter.

But that’s not nearly enough. What I do with Twitter is participate in the full process. That means I talk to other people. I retweet what other people post or say that I feel is pretty good. I post news articles I like that I want to share with people, even if it’s political. I post people’s blog posts that I like to Twitter, though most people don’t know it. Every once in awhile, I promote something I do, like writing or executive coaching. Also, every once in awhile I post that I’m holding “office hours,” although to date no one has taken me up on a visit during that time.

I figure when there’s really nothing to say, it’s time to share something that’s caught my interest at the time; it’s amazing who will respond to certain things at certain times. I even got to participate in what’s known as a TweetUp, which means I met people in person, twice I might add, through Twitter. And I ask people to follow me on Twitter, which of course helps me reach even more people, though I’m not making a large grab at followers. All organic; that works best for me. Now, if you’d like to follow me, you can click on the link above, or click on the bird to the right.

Through Twitter, I’ve gotten many interviews, one of which ended up in the newspaper, and some I’ve shared here and on my business blog. I’ve met some very interesting people, including Guy Kawasaki, who, because of our association, listed my business blog on his Alltop site under “leadership”; that was pretty cool. And I’ve learned some things as well; there really are a lot of smart people on Twitter, once you work your way through the noise.

Next, LinkedIn. Years ago, I couldn’t quite figure out how to use it. Back then, they didn’t have groups like they do now. Eventually they did start something, but it’s really only taken off in the last year. I’ve fully gotten myself into the LinkedIn experience also. My profile is totally complete, including an image. I belong to 10 groups at this juncture. I have 159 direct connections, which supposedly means I’m within range of tens of thousands of other people through a direct connection with some of these folks; freaky. I’ve had 21 people recommend me for something, which is pretty neat, as I’ve also recommended some people. The groups thing has really been interesting because it allows me to engage in business conversations with people around the world. I’ve even had the opportunity to meet two or three people in person through LinkedIn; wild! If you click on that link above, you should be taken to my LinkedIn profile page.

Next, Ryze. At one time Ryze was the premiere place to be, but it lost its way when the powers that be stopped updating things and listening to its members. I had a lot of business connections there through the years, some of whom I’m still in contact with, but they just fell off the wagon. Every once in awhile I still avail myself of their advertising area, just to get a backlink to something, but it’s rare. Of course, the best thing about Ryze is that it lets you set up your own homepage in any manner you’d like to, and that’s really the coolest thing of any of the social media sites I belong to. If you click on the link above, it might let you go to my page without joining, but I can’t guarantee that.

Facebook is an interesting animal. I’ve tried to mainly do business things there, but man, it’s just hard to do. I don’t participate in a lot of the goofy stuff, but I do play two versions of Scrabble there. And I talk to people, mainly individually through the feeds that pop up in your news feed area. I’ve met some great people there, and I’ve been reintroduced to old friends, and I mean people from college and high school; that’s always pretty neat as well. I set up two groups, neither one of them actually business groups, but neither does all that well. I’ve given thought to creating a fan page, but I hate joining them myself, so I feel like that would be hypocritical of me to do it. But I know I’m missing out on a great marketing tool, so I have to think about it some more. Once again, I think if you click on the link it’ll take you to my Facebook profile page.

Quick hitters on the rest, since this is getting fairly long. Obviously I blog, and I talked briefly about that in the last one. I use instant messaging, though not as often as I used to. I’m signed up with 8 forums, but I visit one way more than the others. But on each forum, I have a signature line of some sort, driving people to either a couple of blogs or a couple of websites. It’s about backlinks and SEO, but forums are also about participating and talking to people. All of it is a process for publicity, which I talked about recently also.

I think that’s enough. You’ve seen what I do; now, how are you using social media for promotion?

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