Back in August, Brian Hawkins of Hot Blog Tips put out a call to arms, literally, in a post titled A Call To Established Bloggers – Lets Partner Together. His idea was simple; to put a newsletter together that some bloggers could contribute short articles to that hopefully people would subscribe to that would not only give them, well, blogging tips, but also enhance the presence of those who were writing articles and also give them the opportunity to drop a sales link of some type in there.

The article was well received, and a number of people said they thought it was a great idea. Some people even said they were going to participate. Yeah, right! lol People tend to say a lot of things but when it’s time for action…

In any case there is a weekly newsletter that’s been around for 2 1/2 months now, and at the moment the contributors are myself, Brian, and the very shy, yet overly entertaining, Sheryl Loch of Fuzzy Wuzzy Anipals (I just wanted an excuse to write “fuzzy wuzzy”); very cute stuff I must say.

So far, Sheryl’s tips have been about using video on your blog, and she’s come up with some pretty neat things. My contributions are all about traditional blogging. Some ideas I’ve written here before, others are totally brand new. Those posts are short and to the point, maybe 200 – 250 words if that. After all, they’re supposed to be blogging tips, not long conversations.

This is both an advertisement for the newsletter and a call for a couple more writers. For the advertising part, if you’ve ever wanted shorter tips on the process of blogging rather than having to put up with my online tomes then this is the thing for you. Not only that but Brian offers a free copy of his ebook “Niche AdSense Blogging Modus Operandi“; come on, free stuff!

For the writing part, you get your picture on there, a link back to your blog and you get to select an affiliate link of some kind that he’ll also highlight. I’ve used it to highlight my book and CDs on management, and I actually sold a book last week; oh yeah! We’re not looking for lots of writers, just a couple more, and I’m betting that if Brian got a lot of offers that some kind of rotating schedule could be set up so that everyone gets a shot.

What are you waiting for? Go check out the newsletter sign up page, get the newsletter, get the free book, and be entertained by myself and others once a week in your inbox.

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