Here’s one of those posts that I just had to put up instead of waiting for 3 days, which is the theme of the month. I wanted to get this one out soon, as it just happened on Sunday and is something that we hope will be a regular thing.

Some of you might know that I’m a part of a blogging newsletter that goes out twice a week called Hot Blog Tips Newsletter. It’s the brainchild of Brian Hawkins, to whose site that link goes to and is named the same (without “newsletter), and it involves myself, Sheryl Loch of My Animal Pictures, and Ben Barden of Quick Blog Tips (Ben has left us at this point). The newsletter goes out early Monday morning and early Thursday morning; I’m a Thursday guy.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago we decided to record a Google Hangout and address some tips or topics on blogging in the hangout and invite people to stop in and watch the presentation or, once we had it done and up on the site, to go there and watch the video there. We were supposed to start last week but it didn’t happen, and we got started late this week. Google was also having server issues, so it was lucky for us that we were able to actually get this done.

Each of us is promoting it in our own way as well. I’m popping the embed here, and I hope some of you actually go and watch it because we had a good time. No real tips this time around, since it’s our first, but we did discuss four topics:

1. Why do we think there’s this major fascination by people on making money blogging?
2. Who do you write for, yourself or others, and why?
3. What do we think about the viability of blogging long term?
4. What is it about blogging that we like?

I moderated, which means I introduced the question, then each of us led a specific question and we all gave an opinion of each topic. I watched the whole thing once it went up and truthfully, I think we were pretty entertaining. Yeah, I know, I would since I’m in it.

Anyway, the video is below, and it’s about 40 minutes. We’d be interested in hearing your opinion on the video, which you can leave on the site or here on this blog, or any of their blogs. We also invite questions for us to discuss or help with, though I’d ask that if you have questions look at my contact information to the site and send me an email.

That’s all I have; enjoy!


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