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Happy Thanksgiving 2010!

Posted by on Nov 25, 2010

This is going to be a relatively short post because, well, yesterday’s post was kind of long, and today’s a national holiday over here. Thanksgiving is the day where we’re all supposed to get together to give thanks to this country being able to have the opportunity to even exist. At least that’s my take on it; I’ll let historians tell a different tale.

Me and Robyn 14

Last year I wrote a post saying that Thanksgiving was my last favorite holiday Truthfully, I don’t give a lot of credence to holidays overall for different reasons. One, many people have no idea what the holidays actually mean. Two, many holidays have either a different meaning for me or no meaning at all, based on my feelings, and thus it’s just another day off, and since I work from home days off mean nothing to me except I’m probably not making any money on that day unless someone buys a product from me online.

Still, I wrote that post on Sunday asking if you’ve thanked someone recently, so I guess I should thank some people. And I want to add that this is a very short version of something I did in 2008 on my other blog, which was a very long thank you to people in my life and why I was thanking them; one of these days I’m going to get the time to do that again, and probably put it on this blog instead. So, here we go.

I start off thanking my wife for putting up with me.

I thank my mother and grandmother for unconditional love.

I thank my friends for sticking with me for many years and giving me undying support.

I thank everyone who’s ever commented on this blog. You may not know it, but every time I get a legitimate comment, I feel special, and when you come back more than once… man, it’s hard not to smile at that.

I thank everyone I’m connected to on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, et al. Many of you I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting in person, and yet a few of you I have, and you’ve all treated me wonderfully.

I thank every client I’ve ever had because you gave me an opportunity to do something for you without really knowing me as well as you probably should have. And I thank every client I’m going to get over the next year who gives me a chance to work with them in some fashion.

I thank those companies that have shown the best customer service in the world, and I thank those people who help me “out” those that don’t.

I thank those movie makers who have made movies I enjoyed over the past year. I thank the musicians for the same thing.

I thank those sports teams I love that have given me both pleasure and pain in their quest to be the best; the entertainment value can never be measured accurately enough.

And I think every writer of every book I read this year for giving me both joy and knowledge.

Yeah, that’s enough. Enjoy your Thanksgiving folks!

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Advantus Teamwork Framed Print

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Hi Mitch

I know from all the “Happy Thanksgiving” messages all over the blogosphere that it must be a big deal in the States. As we don’t celebrate it here in Oz, I was wondering about it. Twitter will be quieter and I guess not so many of my regular blogs to visit over the next few days.

Don’t know how long this holiday lasts, so maybe I’ll visit some new blogs of people in other places; who like me will not be having a holiday today or in the near future!

Hope you enjoy your time with your family Mitch and stay safe 🙂

Patricia Perth Australia

November 25th, 2010 | 10:22 AM

Thanks Pat. Actually, my posts are done in advance because I wasn’t sure if I was bringing my laptop with me to my mother’s house for the holiday or not. Because of the weather, it looks like I’ll be going back home early in the morning anyway.

Thanksgiving is supposedly the day where we’re supposed to give thanks for whatever we’re thankful for; it somehow relates to how this country came about; seems the story I’d always been told might not be true. lol In actuality, it’s now a day where people visit their families and eat a lot; I’ll be doing that as well.

November 25th, 2010 | 10:30 AM

Hey Mitch I know I’m a little late, just wanted to wish you and the family a Happy Thanksgiving.

November 26th, 2010 | 12:27 AM

Thanks John; I hope you had a nice holiday as well.

November 26th, 2010 | 11:45 AM

Happy Thanksgiving 2010 to you and to your family Mitch. I am nearly the same, honestly holidays are not my favorite time, but Thanksgiving is a bit different.

November 26th, 2010 | 12:49 AM

Thanks Carl; I hope you had a good time.

November 26th, 2010 | 11:40 AM

Thanks for the nice words and interesting posts, and for taking the time to answer back. Also, i hope you have a joyful holiday season and tons of inspiration 🙂

November 26th, 2010 | 5:59 AM

Much of the history we all learned in school is based on partial truths, at best. Stories are rewritten and crucial details left out, all to make history more inspiring. Maybe the secret is to out-grow the fiction, pull out whatever is valuable to you, and leave the rest behind. If you have something to be thankful for today, then you can make Thanksgiving meaningful, even without the fairy tales. It sounds as though you’ve done that, Mitch, and found a way to celebrate. I’m glad.

November 26th, 2010 | 7:02 AM

Thanks Charles. Thanksgiving overall just seems fraught with contradictions, so I figure we just go with what we know for the rest of it and eat lots of food that makes us happy.

November 26th, 2010 | 11:42 AM