First, just want y’all to know that posts might be a little erratic over the next few days. I’m out of town, in Chicago, at a medical conference, and I’m going to be networking with a lot of professionals over the next bunch of days. So, I may not post every day, but I’ll be around in some capacity.

Moving on, there’s this new website that came to my attention via Willie Crawford. It’s called Gurudaq, and it’s one of the wildest sites I can think of, based on what I’m hoping to do with this site.

Basically, it’s a stock market version of the top internet marketers in the world. It changes every day, and, just like the real stock market, I’m not quite sure how the numbers are calculated, but it’s fun to watch. The page I’ve linked to isn’t the main page, but it’s initially the most fun. When Willie brought it to our attention, he was sitting in 10th place, with Lynn Terry, a wonderful person and the only woman who was in the top 25, sitting at 15th place. As I check on it today, I see that some names have changed, where Lynn has moved up to 10th place, Willie has fallen to 12th, and another woman, and Alexandra Brown joining the top 25, sitting in 24th place.

Now, when you check out the main page, it gives you some top ten lists of certain categories, such as the day’s top gainers, and the top 10 personal development gurus, names that probably won’t be on the other list, and yet names most of us know like Bob Proctor, Les Brown, and Anthony Robbins.

Personally, I like stuff like this, seeing all sorts of statistics and also seeing many names that I know, and actually “not” seeing some names that I know, that I thought would easily be here. Names like Shawn Casey and Mike Filasame and even Joel Comm aren’t anywhere on this list; that’s astounding to me, especially Comm, knowing that his books have all been best sellers, including his latest book, and thinking that he would have easily been on this list somewhere.

Anyway, it gives the rest of us something to look towards as we work on our own internet marketing campaigns. One day, I want to be on both lists; what say you?

Art Poster Print - Motivational - Change - Artist: unknown- Poster Si

Art Poster Print – Motivational – Change

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