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Back in June, when I first introduced Website Grader on this blog, I indicated that I was given a ranking of 84. Now it’s 94; showing some pretty good progress, eh? Of course, what’s holding me down are a few stupid things. One, I have no idea where to put my metatags on this blog, so I’m stuck with that; at least I have keywords. Two, it still seems to hold credible this concept that if you’re not listed in a directory that you’re hurting yourself. We all know that DMOZ is dying and takes months to add you to their listings these days, and I guess I could enter this blog into the Yahoo Directory, but it’s seen on Yahoo anyway so what’s the rush? Other than that, it’s running well.

The last time I looked at growth numbers about six weeks ago, I thought they were doing pretty well at the time. They’re even better now. Google finally has this site up to a page rank of 3; it’s about time. My Compete Rank is still the same as it was, but you know how I feel about that anyway. My Alexa rank is up to 241,000 and change from 371,000. Technorati has me at 183,000 and change, with an authority of 37, whereas before it was 283,000 with authority of 24. I had just added the Feedburner Feed Smith plugin to the site before, which merged all my feeds, and it’s showing me at 15 subscribers, which isn’t great but I have no idea how many might have been following me before then.

As it pertains to income, my blog is still kind of failing me. I make most of my online income off one of my other sites, and the blog isn’t generating much income, though I take whatever little bits I can get. I’ll get there, though; heck, someone please tell me that most of my content is pretty good at least (if it’s not, tell me anyway).

So, there you go. I hope to update some time in December again, as I work my way up the blogging ladder; I still have a very long way to go.

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