Growth Numbers; Looking Better

I’m not really an internet marketer, but I’m working on it. Some people call this passive income, but the reality is that I spend about as much time working on this website and my other websites as I do marketing for my main business, which right now puts most of the money in my pocket, and probably will for another bunch of years or so.

The biggest issue, of course, comes down to traffic, and figuring out ways of driving traffic to one’s site. I haven’t totally gotten that one down, but I have achieved some fairly significant things I suppose.

Google ranks my site as 2 out of 10. I must have taken a hit somewhere along the line because it used to be 3; I must need to throw in more links or something, but this one makes little sense. Alexa ranks me around 371,000, and though I know we all love throwing stones at Alexa, it’s a better ranking than not having one at all, and that’s without the toolbar. The same goes for Compete Rank, which I also pretty much totally dismiss, but it’s got a ranking around 656,000 (and now that I’m mentioning it again, let’s see if it drives up the Russian spam once more).

Throwing out more numbers, Technorati ranks it around 293,000 and gives me an authority rank of 24; I’m not quite sure what that authority figure means, but it’s much higher than my business blog so I’ll take it, though I’m also somewhat insulted at the same time. Then again, the business blog is much more serious than this one is at times; I’d never throw in something like this on my business blog:

Moving on, I haven’t quite figured out how to check rankings on either Feedburner or Delicious, and I’m not even sure if they have rankings, per se, but Feedburner is showing that I have some people subscribing to my feed (once I added the Feedburner Feed Smith WordPress plugin, anyway), and that’s a good thing; here, my business blog is crushing this one.

And the average number of visitors per week is growing as well, though not anything drastic enough for me to start proclaiming I’m the new John Chow. Still, it’s moving forward, and that’s always a good thing. I’m not sure how popular the little links I put at the end of every post are, but some of them are pretty good items, including the one at the end of this one; enjoy the day!

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12 comments on “Growth Numbers; Looking Better

  • You have to admit though Mitch that trying to build up your blog’s awareness is much more fun, or is that frustrating, than marketing your regular business.

    I’ve just added a link directory to my WassupBlog to try and get more one way links. One way because the actual directory resides on another domain. Hopefully it works.

  • Actually Sire, I’d say it’s way more fun. The people are much more fun, and there’s a lot better reading for this type of thing than there is for my main business.

    Course, if we could get CommentLuv to work all the time on our blogs, things would be much better.

  • I know that Andy, the author of commentluv, is working on an Ajax version that will let you actually choose a particular post to link to. Perhaps that is causing some drama?

  • The thing with the ranking numbers is: if they’re good it’s like “hey, look at my rankings – aren’t they great?”. But if they’re bad then it’s “oh whatever – they don’t mean anything anyway…”.

    The technorati one is basically the number of different blogs that have linked to yours in the last 6 months (not the total number of links, cos obviously you could get loads of links from a single site – that still only adds 1 to your authority).

    • I’ve been reading that it only goes back six months, which seems to be the oddest thing to me. Then again, if one can continue on an upward trend, then I guess that’s about as far back as you’d need.

  • Rodney Smith says:

    Sire, yes it’s a bummer. But you still retain the benefits of all those links from an SEO point of view, so it’s not really a waste of time.

    • I’d agree with annoying, but truthfully, I’m not going to overly worry about trying to make it go higher in any other fashion than just hoping more people decide to stop by for a visit. And, I’ve decided to start adding people who end up writing lots of comments, which goes along with the top commenters list, which will help me make sure to remember who to visit. I subscribe to most folks, but sometimes I don’t remember the blog names. There’s just so many blogs. 🙂

  • Rodney Smith says:

    Agreed – I wouldn’t focus on the technorati rank other than as some sort of measure of how you’re doing in terms of promoting your blog generally. But the goal is to get the links – which is where the true “authority” comes from. The technorati rank is just a number.

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