Something a little different today, but still internet related. Most of us go through the day with some kind of struggle. Or, we have our ups and downs in trying to get through life in general.

So it’s with pleasure that I introduce the blog Great Smiles, which I found by looking through the blogroll of my new friend Kristi. It’s just what it says it is, images of smiles of all kind, and I was happily surprised to find a photo of Kristi in the bunch; what a very nice smile she has.

But I’ve got to tell you, though I have no children, I have this affinity for babies, especially happy babies, and when I saw this particular shot when I got there, it just made me happy. Then I printed it and showed it to my wife, and it made her happy also. Babies understand something the rest of us don’t; it’s the simple things in life that can sometimes bring the greatest joy.

Anyway, I did read the about page, but I couldn’t learn anything about the author. I’m sure Kristi knows, though, so maybe after you check out her wonderful smile and interview, you can ask her. So, go on, smile!

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