A quick deviation from the norm to make a comment on a couple of recent stories.

The first is the story out of Austria of the man who kept his own daughter locked up in the cellar for 24 years and fathered 7 children with her. The second is the story of the offshoot religious sect that was raided, had over 400 children removed, and have now had tests show that more than half the girls between the age of 14-17 have been pregnant, and most of the fathers were over the age of 40.

I think we’re heading down a road to bad intentions when we continue hearing these stories of abuse of children without something being done much sooner. Sure, there are some bad kids out there, but the overwhelming majority are good kids who end up in bad situations of some sort. And these days, it’s not the guy down the street who’s trying to trick kids by offering them candy one has to worry about as much as the members of one’s own family.

At what period in time did family responsibility end and monstrous behavior take over? And when did the rest of us decide it was okay to turn our heads and look the other way, even when we knew that something bad was going on

In the case of the man in Austria, people said he was an overly strict father who forbade his children and wife from going into the cellar, ever. How does one person have the power to keep everyone else out of a room of the house, and a rather large one at that, and not have someone think “hey, that’s kind of odd”. Did anyone see the pictures? Either this guy was a great builder or he had help, and if he had help, someone knew something.

In the case of the cult (yeah, I’m calling it a cult), how could these mothers not realize that having 10-20 children was out of the ordinary, when very few of them had really grown up that same way, and how it had to seem strange that not only were most of the fathers older men who took multiple wives, but that you have security guarding everything, not to keep others out but to keep you in? By the way, I have watched conversations over the last two weeks with people, male and female, who have escaped or been thrown out for whatever reason, and I’m thinking that they’re tales were enough to have gotten law enforcement in there much earlier than now; what am I missing about our laws anyway?

Truthfully, I don’t care what any adult decides to do with their lives. However, when children are brought into the mix, there has to be a higher level of accountability and responsibility. We’re not keeping up with what’s right, folks, and as long as we, the people of this world, keep failing at that, we’re going to decline as a civilization, and that’s not a good prospect at all.

And now, back off the soapbox.

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