Oh,… my,… goodness!

It’s been a tough road to hoe, but now, maybe, my bliss will be returning to my computer very soon.

Back in December, I bought this new computer, Vista and all, and very quickly realized that I couldn’t run Google Desktop on it. It wasn’t compatible with the 64-bit operating system, which was grossly irritating. Yeah, there was a way you could force it through, which I started, then halfway through I realized what I’d be doing to my computer and decided that wasn’t a smart move.

Then PC World magazine came up with a program that supposedly would work just as well as Google Desktop, only for 64-bit computers. It was called Copernic Desktop Search, and it was free. It was also a big program, at 29 MBs, but that’s not such a big deal. I loaded it, gave it time to scan my computer for stuff, then tried it out.

Miserable; it couldn’t find any of the stuff I specifically wanted. I even tried giving it easy ones to knock out of the park, specific file names I knew it should be able to find because, well, a couple of times I was looking right at the file. Nope, it couldn’t do it. Sucker found lots of other stuff, but never a specific file name I was looking for.

That, plus the window was divided in half, and the lower half acted like a search engine on the web. Now why would I want a desktop program looking for things on the web? Google Desktop never did that?

So, I deleted it from my computer on Wednesday, and figured I’d just take another quick look to see if Google Desktop might finally have a 64-bit version. After all, Windows 7 will be coming soon, and they announced that they’re not going backwards, so 64-bit is going to be the new standard, plain and simple.

And I found it! It’s called Google Desktop 5.9, and it’s now available for download. Man, you should have seen the smile that crossed my face!

Of course, I know how this will go. I’ve downloaded it, and now I’m going through the time process of allowing it to go through my computer and find stuff. It only runs when I’m not doing anything on the computer for awhile, which means it’ll mainly have to run overnight, or at least the 5 hours I’m usually sleeping; isn’t that a shame? I hope it works out just as I need it to, especially when it comes to email.

And, for all of you who were using the original version of Google Desktop and having problems with the indexing, you can be sure that if I encounter that problem with this version I’ll certainly let you know how to fix it. I don’t want to go through mess like this again.