After over a year of marketing, Vista hasn’t come close to the numbers that XP did early on. While most people are saying that this makes Vista one of the worst operating systems ever, people seem to be forgetting two things.

The first thing is that there was this abomination called Windows ME that almost no one purchased, so to speak. That’s because around the same time Microsoft also released Microsoft 2000, which was supposed to be more for servers than personal computers, but turned out to be the most stable platform they’d had to date, such that many people decided to load it anyway, and it worked wonders. I know because I was one of those people, and I loved it.

The second thing is that people have short memories, so many of them are forgetting that the initial version of XP wasn’t exactly manna. It had a lot of bugs and changed a lot of things, and many people refused to let go of Windows 98 because they just didn’t trust XP. For me, I refused to let go of MS 2000 until 2004, and only then because they had come out with the second service pack, and therefore had cleaned up all the mess that was contained within the original OS.

I have to admit that there are some cool looking things on Vista, but I’ve learned with many other things that jumping on the new kid in town when it comes to my computer isn’t always a wise thing. I’ve lost that thing about having to have the newest thing on the market; I want someone else to discover the bugs, hope that they’re corrected, then I’ll come and play along. That’s how I’m treating Vista at the moment. I’ve heard the first service pack didn’t take care of enough things, so I’m content to sit back and remain with XP for awhile longer.

But I just wanted to remind everyone that we weren’t always so happy with XP either.

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