Ever since I’d purchased my main computer back at the end of 2008 I hadn’t been able to set up a home network between my computer and my wife’s computer. And when I would turn on the laptop, I couldn’t access anything either.

I kept going through the same process that Microsoft tells everyone, which is to go through the Control Panel to the Network & Sharing Center, click on setting up a new network, and following the instructions. Unfortunately, it never worked for me, and I know it didn’t work for thousands of other people because I was always checking forums for an answer that wasn’t coming.

A few days ago I had the laptop open and needed a file that was on my main computer. I figured it was finally time to get this sucker fixed. So I went through the process again, only this time I saw something about setting up a homegroup. I hadn’t paid any attention to that before so I clicked on the link. There was something that said “create a homegroup”, and that sounded good, so I clicked on it and it didn’t work.

At least it didn’t create a homegroup. It gave me the option to run the troubleshooter, and even though most of the time that sucker is useless, I went ahead and gave it a shot. It came back with this message basically telling me I had to enable IPv6 to get it to work. This brought another problem because I did have it enabled. Most of the recommendations I saw online said to disable it, delete your network card from your device manager, then reboot and it would work. Actually, no it won’t, so don’t do that! I knew that wouldn’t work and it was bad advice; that happens sometimes.

I continued looking and finally found that someone had a link to the Microsoft page. I followed the link, and if you go down a little ways you’ll see something that says Fix It For Me. They offer 10 small downloads, and all you do is select the one that fits your computer and will solve the issue you’re having. My issue was “Enable IPv6”, so that’s the one I chose.

It literally took less than a minute after downloading it and it came back saying it was fixed. So I did the network thing again and it had worked; who-hoo! I could now connect to my laptop, which was a big deal. However, I still couldn’t connect to my wife’s computer, so I went to her office and ran the same exact program, and now all my computers in the house are connected; good deal!

I don’t know why all solutions aren’t in plain sight like this, as I’ve gone back and forth over the years, but at least if you read this blog now you’ll know how to get it done faster than it took me.

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