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If you watch either HGTV or the Style Network, you’ll have noticed that there are a lot of shows lately on getting rid of clutter in one’s home. The truth of the matter is that if your living or workspace is free of clutter, it opens your mind to thinking more clearly and it really does make you feel better.

I’d like to introduce my friend Lisa Deveau of Completely Organized to you. She’s a certified organizational professional, and I’m someone who has availed himself of her services. Over the course of three weekends back in the winter of 2005 she came to my house for 3 hour sessions and helped me organize my office. What she doesn’t do is come in and just clean for you. What she does do it teach you a system for how to get out from underneath clutter.

I can be like a pack rat when I want to be. When you’re working in business, paper just seems to constantly come at you, and even working for oneself at home, the paper just keep coming, even though I try to get rid of it as soon as I can. However, I wasn’t always like that. I’d make piles that I’d never get back to and wait until things were ready to fall all over the floor, and then I’d start making piles on the floor. Getting around wasn’t all that pleasant, but I also knew I wasn’t the only one who was dealing with something like this. However, I was on the road a lot more, and coming home only on weekends wasn’t leaving me much motivated to do anything with my office.

Over the course of three weekends, Lisa gave me tips and rules to try to live by, and, oddly enough, they stuck. At least the working principles behind them; there was one of those anachronisms that she gave me that I don’t remember, that’s now on my wife’s wall somewhere, hidden underneath other things she keeps there. But the principles have helped me drastically. It doesn’t mean I never have clutter anymore; I’m not close to being that efficient. However, it does mean that when I get to a certain point, which is usually once a week, I have a process to follow that helps me get through it much quicker than in the past, and helps me know how to consider getting rid of old stuff that I probably will never, ever need.

She has a newsletter that I subscribe to, as well as gives seminars all over the Syracuse, NY area. Matter of fact, she’ll be giving two seminars in March, and if organizing is something you have a problem with, you should think about attending. She’s also doing a joint seminar at the end of March with Joanne Del Balso of No Fuss Accounting, combining the concept of organizing one’s life with the concept of organizing one’s finances; not a bad idea, if you ask me.

Anyway, check out Lisa’s site, as she also offers products along with her free newsletter. Who doesn’t need more organization, right?

Hanging File Bin - Acrylic by U.S. Acrylic

Hanging File Bin – Acrylic by U.S. Acrylic

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7 comments on “Get Your Life Organized

  • hi Mitch,
    I have to laugh because I just saw another post with a cartoon and caption, “A clean house is a sign of a wasted life.” 😉
    If you look up “clutter” on wikipedia, you’d probably see a picture of my desk. I’ve got to stop procrastinating and do something about it… tomorrow… or next week. 🙂
    I’ll check out your friend’s site. Thanks, Steve, the trade show guru

    Trade Show Guru´s last blog post..My Kids Are Smart… cockle shells

    • That’s funny, Steve. Truth is, no one likes living in clutter, and most people you see who are living that way are depressed in some fashion. This helps a lot; trust me on this one.

  • [….as I listen to the strains of Il Divo ~ just awesome music!)

    OK…. at last! A subject that I have some knowledge on!

    I have always been a tad anal when it came to my home. I remember, as a new mother (age 17!!) waiting for my guests to leave and then falling to my knees and smoothing their footprints off the carpet with my palms!

    As I have grown older, I have become better, but still can’t stand a dish in the sink or water marks on glass. (God help me!) I am happy to say that my husband and my children are the same!

    As a REALTOR(R) and professional stager, I am happy for this anal attitude as it helps me to help others to sell their homes.

    As far as Feng Shui is concerned (and this plays a big part in readying a property for successful sale), clutter must be cleared, so Mitch, I am happy that your have such a professional on your team. These people are worth their weight in gold!

    Anything that languishes (and that might be simply the clothes in your closet, that you don’t wear anymore) attract the same from the Universe. The Universe will afford languish – to your love life, your business, your income! Get rid of stuff you no longer use, clothing and anything else that you are hoarding!

    Plants – make sure that they are healthy and without dead leaves. The dead leaves will attract more death – death to your income, your business, your love life, your spirit.

    Dried flowers – death!

    Wilted vegetables in the fridge – wilted life.

    Worn furniture – worn and useless fortune.

    Burning candles ~ burnt clients, burnt business deals!

    Everything that you look at and are surrounded with, should reflect the attitude and future that you want.

    Dirty floors and walls? How can you welcome a new future with the old residue on your walls and floors?

    I have a paper phobia. There is nothing that accumulates more in real estate than paper and I have bad dreams of myself struggling to reach the surface of a never ending lake of scrunched up paper!

    Sad, but true!

    On a regular basis, I clear the paper from my desk by scanning those sheets of importance – bills, articles I want to keep, contracts – and I commit them to digital format in organized folders. Then I shred the paper.

    SUCH a cleansing feeling to be rid of the paper and when you consider the cost of real estate, count the cost of housing the paper that you keep! Seriously, count the square inches (or feet) of all the paper that you keep and then consider what it is costing you to keep it!)

    Surround yourself with new, sparklingly clean things that are well organized, look healthy and are healthy and watch your life change!

    You would do well to hire the person that Mitch recommends to clear your clutter and then take stock of what else you have left and what effect the residue might be having on your business and personal life.

    From my business to yours ~ $UCCE$$!

    • Thanks for sharing, Althea. The one thing I don’t do, which I tried some years ago but found it irritated me more than helped me, is the digitalization of some of my paper. I was scanning and putting those things into a certain folder, but I found that I hated the time it seemed to take to do it, and then realized that I would never go back to that folder because I was remembering the irritation I’d felt during the creation process, so I gave it up.

  • You’re right. Living and working in a clean environment helps your concentration and creativity. It also makes you feel great because when there’s a mess all around you it feels like you have double work to do – first your job and then organizing this stuff (you never do that but everyday it feels like you should and you think about it a lot more than you need to).

    • Thanks for your comment, Dieta. You’re absolutely correct, there’s nothing worse than looking at your workspace for a place to put even more clutter.

      By the way, what language is your website in? I didn’t recognize it.

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