Fussing About Guest Posters Again

Yes, another minor rant about guest posters, and this time I was so moved that I had to do a video. Therefore, I’m not going to write a long piece, but I am going to say a few things before the video because, after all, just having a video doesn’t help with SEO all that much now does it? 🙂

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Here’s the overall deal, if I may. Unless someone specifically asks you to write a guest post for them, whenever you do so it means that if someone publishes your post they’re doing you a favor, not the other way around. Yeah, I know that some people think the owner of the blog is getting something out of it, mainly free content so that they don’t have to write all the posts themselves, but so what.

If you come into my house to paint the walls and you’re going to get something out of it on the back end (maybe not money like a painter but guest posters are getting something), it means you don’t have to clean up when you’re done? You’re going to leave your drop cloths, dirty paint brush, stupid paint tray and tape all over my walls?

In that case, you were called and asked to do something, the rules change some when that happens. But if you called me and asked to paint one of my walls because you wanted to highlight your work, and I agree, does that mean that because you feel you’ve enhanced my space that nothing else counts? When you leave you leave a mess and you never come back?

That’s the basic premise behind what’s in the video, as I address an issue that came up yesterday with someone who wasn’t pleased that I yanked his links from his post when he didn’t fulfill the qualifications of my guest posting policy on my finance blog. People, if you’re looking to promote yourself in someone else’s space, whether it costs you or not, and it leads you to request the right to submit a guest post, follow the rules of the site, plain and simple. And before anyone who’s not familiar with this blog asks, no, I do not accept guest posts from anyone I don’t already know; let’s hope that at least was read. lol

And now, on with the fussing:



20 thoughts on “Fussing About Guest Posters Again”

  1. Hi Mitch,

    I agree with you 100%. I have a policy, but I do need to add the part about links being removed.

    Some people have the nerve to never return to address comments. That burns me up more than anything. These days, I am very selective on who I allow to guest post.

    I had a recent submit and after reading the post, I sent an email to let the person know that I had some questions about the article, and I haven’t heard from them yet. Pretty much I was going to have to do some major editing and I was not going to do that. “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” Well, guess they don’t want that post published. One less thing for me to do.

    Again, Mitch, I totally agree with you!

    Take care,


    1. LOL! Thanks Evelyn. You know, I’d never heard that phrase until a couple of weeks ago, and now I laugh every time I hear it; sometimes I’m late to the party.

      It’s just amazing, isn’t it? Thing is, I’ll post one of those articles, never hear back, then months later I get another letter from that person as if it’s the first time we’ve talked to each other. These folks don’t even remember where they put their guest posts; of all things! That proves they don’t care, and it’s a shame.

  2. You know Mitch, people are different and think so differently! It always amazes me.

    For example, I provide some technical help in my forum to people with a very specific problem. If they were to pay someone it would cost at least $1000. I teach them to do it themselves (there is no free information available about it, except on my blog). I spent a lot of my valuable time repeating one and the same thing over and over again until they get it… Or so they think. Then they go and mess up something because they aren’t attentive. Some of them have a nerve to come back and blame me for that! Then they could come back in a few days and ask a new question as if nothing happened.

    Just take it easy!

    1. Isn’t that something Elena? I wrote a post that was detailed and helpful to a lot of people… for about 18 months. I’d totally forgotten about it, then someone wrote me to say it didn’t work and that I should update my information. Date was right on it & of course things had changed, but I also figured it wasn’t my job to update it so I didn’t. Overall you’re totally correct people don’t care to follow through on things, then they blame us for it; sheesh! lol

  3. One of the things I really like about your videos is that you’re often riled up, which causes you to repeat yourself three or four times. I usually need to hear something at least that often before I really understand it. In this case, though, it seems like it’s more common courtesy than anything else. (Or are we just too old-fashioned?)

    1. We’re too old fashioned Charles, but did I really repeat myself all that often? See, now I’m going to have to go listen to it again, although I probably do that when I am riled. lol

  4. Hey Mitch,

    Wow, I guess this one got you fired up! Lol.

    I agree 100%, though. People are pretty brazen and I’m regularly amazed at their audacity.

    I seriously don’t understand how somebody can come into my space, space that I pay for and own, and want to debate my rules. Or, like in your case, they acknowledge the rules, consciously choose not to follow them, and then complain when they suffer the clearly stated consequences of non-compliance.

    The sad part is, I really don’t think it’s ever going to get better.

    But, it is what it is.

    I hope you feel better after getting that rant off of your chest, my friend.

    I hope you have an outstanding week!


    1. Barry, I have my moments. lol It’s not going to get better, but that doesn’t mean we stop trying to help and educate, right? I did feel better but what’s funny is that, if you followed my other link, that’s still continuing more than the first issue. At least having a policy gives me leverage when I do have to respond to people.

      By the way, did you change your focus or do you actually have two different sites talking about two different things?

      1. Hey Mitch,

        I just stopped back by and saw your comment.

        You’re right, we need to keep educating and discussing, and hope that the message gets through to some.

        Yeah, I changed the focus of my blog. I wasn’t getting any traction whatsoever. I’m dealing with marketing and blogging topics, focusing on the area of unique selling proposition.

        In the month or two that I’ve shifted focus, my traffic is down because of starting to lose search traffic for the older topics, but I’m getting much more engagement and my return visitor % is improving significantly.

        I’ve kept all my old content. A lot of it could still be beneficial and applicable for people. I also didn’t want people such as yourself who had spent time commenting to lose links that you rightfully had.

        I noticed you hadn’t been around lately. I hope that you stop back by. You have valuable insight that would add to the topics discussed!

        I hope you have a great week!


      2. Barry, I have stopped by; I was just confused, so I haven’t written any comments. Strange as this sounds, People will sometimes sell their own sites with their names attached and the new owners will take advantage of the traffic and rankings to change the focus; I’ve seen that happen here and there. So, this is your first comment since you changed your focus, and that proved to me that it was you. lol

  5. Hi Mitch,

    I really hate when people don’t follow the tacit rules of commenting, whether he is the owner or the guest.

    In your case it the set of written rules which the guest has agreed to follow but he didn’t, that really is upsetting, but your presentation is really awesome, it is really as mild as dove.



    1. Sapna, just want to make sure you know this isn’t about commenting but about requests to write guest posts for your blog. And folks not following the rules can be really irritating.

  6. Hey Mitch, I think your right. When it’s your house, it’s your rules. Plus, if you are going to participate in anything out there, you have to know what the policies are. It’s like the laws various local municipalities. You can’t tell a judge that you didn’t know the local law. The judge will tell you that they onus is on you to know the laws of the land. Right?

  7. I completely understand what it is that frustrates you. I myself have had a deal with the fair number of guest posters who try to get away with flouting the most basic rules that I have in place for guest posts. You are well within your rights to be fussy over what gets published on your blog. I just hope that at least a few guest posters watch your video and realize the error of their ways.

  8. People who don’t read stuff bugs me, regardless of what it’s a rule or policy for (and my bad grammar bugs me too, but we won’t go there!) That said, I’ve recently had to turn down one and stall on another guest post I’ve written for other blogs, and one of the reasons has been that I couldn’t face answering the comments and I know I have to. However, if they had been published, I would have answered comments if that’s what I’d agreed to.

    1. Val, I’m surprised responding to comments on your own submission, even if it’s not on your blog, would bother you. That’s interesting; any idea why that’s bothering you?

      1. Mostly it’s just that these days I am very tired and don’t have the energy to cope with more comments than I already have (on my own blog). I’ve cut down the number of blogs I visit and even the ones I read, I comment on far less these days. This is strange for me as comments and commenting has always been ‘my thing’.

        Another reason is that I’m afraid one of my ‘trolls’ (there are a few who follow me around – I delete their comments when I see them) might comment on one of the posts – this person always gets personal and it really bugs me. When I’m very tired I just can’t cope with the extra emotional baggage. But on the guest posts, the owners of the blogs don’t moderate comments before they appear like I do.

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