Fun Indian Dance Video

A friend of mine put this video up on Facebook. I have no idea what they’re saying or what the song is about, but it’s infectious and this guy, or guys (I’m not really sure) is having a great time. So, very short post, some quick fun, but if anyone can translate this for me I’d appreciate it; I don’t even know who this is. Actually, the most I watch, the more I’m starting to think it’s not Indian, but possibly Arabic, Saudi Arabia; I just don’t know. No matter; I think you’ll like it:

Update! Thanks to Khaled, I got some information on this song. It’s called Tunak Tunak Tun, and it’s by an Indian artist named Daler Mehndi. It’s also from 1998, so no wonder I can’t get a clearer copy of it. Also, I can’t find a translation anywhere, even though I did find lyrics. I’ve seen 3 different English lyrics, which is why I don’t trust any of them. So, I guess we’ll just enjoy the song and move forward.

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8 thoughts on “Fun Indian Dance Video”

  1. Yea its in ‘punjabi’ song…pretty odd and first 50sec is gibberish lol…though my grasp of the language is limited so I cant translate it all for you!

    1. Well, at least you made me feel better in getting the right country, or area of the world, confirmed. Yeah, the first bit, actually only about 20 seconds, is kind of an odd preamble, but once you get into the rest of it, man, it’s fun!

  2. Hi Mitch its a Bangra/Indian singer if you have a look at Wikipedia and type “Tunak Tunak Tun” Will give you a little information on the video, but no translation unfortunately.

    1. I greatly thank you, Khaled, for even the title of the song. My ears couldn’t even understand the first part of what he was saying for me to even think about looking it up, but once I did, it’s interesting just how much info there is about him and this song. I wonder how I missed it when it was released; oh well,…

  3. ya i like this punjabi song.but if it in english then it will be better for me.any translation for it?

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  4. Interesting. 🙂 I thought I saw this singer somewhere on another clip, only that people have translated everything in mandarin but not in correct meaning, I believe. But it does make you feel like dancing isn’t it? ha.. thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thanks for viewing it, Ching Ya. I’ve tried to find a translation for what’s being said in the song, but after finding 5 different translations I gave up. It is peppy, though.

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