This is actually another site I got from Sire a long time ago, but I couldn’t find it on his site, and I’d never written about it, so I am now.

It’s called Friend Or Follow. It’s a Twitter service that lets you see just who’s not following you that you’re following. At least that’s where it starts out. The first time I did this a few months ago, I found that I was following more than 120 people who weren’t following me back. There are some folks I expect not to be following me, but most of the rest, well, most of them had contacted me first, but then decided I wasn’t their cup of tea so they dropped me without my knowing it.

Now, I want to try to keep up with it more regular, and this is actually the third time I’ve gone back. Today, there were only 16 names on my list, 4 of those expected, one of those unexpected, but hey, that’s how it goes online, right? I don’t know these people personally, so if they leave, it’s okay because I drop a lot of people myself.

However, Friend or Follow has more information for you. For instance, the next tab over will let you see all the people who are following you at once, something the Twitter site doesn’t do for you. That can be kind of an ego boost, for sure.

After that, the final tab is where you can get some real information. The first choice is to see who’s following you that you’re also following. You can decide whether to just look at them randomly, or you can decide how it shows you the information, such as by username or location.

You also have options to see your Twitter growth on a chart, as well as the top 100 most followed users, and the top 100 “following” people, which means those who are following lots of folks. I’ll certainly never be on that first list, but if I got there virally, I wouldn’t mind being on the first one.

Anyway, it’s a pretty cool site if you want to see what’s going on with the social part of your Twitter account.

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