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Friday – Final Day Of Training Marketing Push

Posted by on Aug 7, 2015

This is the final day of my survey below regarding my creating a training course that a majority of people might want me to create. The intention is to generate interest in a product that the most buyers will purchase from me… at least that’s the general theory. No matter what happens, I won’t hold it against Ryan Levesque’s Ask, which I interviewed and which this event has been based on, since I didn’t quite follow his recommendations.

Picture 86
Whew, I’m tired!

I’ve pretty much done what I could with this adventure. I’ve marketed it via all my blogs, two of which go to LinkedIn. I’ve marketed it hard on Twitter and asked people to share it. I’ve stepped up the marketing just a bit on Google Plus, which really doesn’t handle marketing all that well but hey, that’s why I’ve written multiple posts! I sent email to everyone I’m connected to that I have a good relationship with (and a few I only barely know lol). I’ve done my blog commenting, linking back to different blogs and this one about the survey. Finally, I marketed it on Facebook via my business page… I thought about doing it in the open but decided against it.

If this takes off, it’ll be because of the help I got from all the rest of y’all. I know that as a long wolf I can only reach so many people. If social media is really a community then hopefully parts of the community who view me favorably will have not only shared this but stopped by and voted.

At this time I’d like to highlight products I’ve created that aren’t already over there on the left side, to show more proof that I have created stuff:

Mitchell Employee Evaluation Module – a system that will help you hire the type of person you’re looking for based on real criteria instead of just how educated someone might be

Mitchell Manager Training Program – a 5-part course for training new managers that I created almost 10 years ago

Leadership Is/Isn’t Easy – my second book on leadership, it’s a collection of previous writings on the subject from 2003 through 2008

Keys To Leadership – a 2-part seminar series I delivered live on leadership rules and communication

Here’s the first thank you to everyone who participated in some way. Who knows, you might win a free course.

And so it goes. Below are 9 categories of things I’m very proficient in. Under a couple of them, I’ve broken the category down slightly further than the main category.

The first thing I need is for you to pick one thing; one choice per person. You can leave your request on the blog, or you can send me an email to mitch@imjustsharing.

The second thing I need is for you to pick how you’d like the training delivered to you. One of these I’ve put in there in case local folks participate in amazing numbers; gotta have hope right? Or, if you believe you’d able to pull something together that could get me to come to where you are and get paid for it… even better.

The reward? Other than what I promise will be a top flight lesson, the first idea that has five people select it and the way it’s delivered, I’ll pick 1 person from that group to receive that training for free. If I get 20 people eventually under that same selection, I’ll give away 2 more free trainings.

At some point, if I don’t reach an agreed upon number, I’ll probably take the top 3 and run this again. As I said, I’m putting this out on 4 blogs, and since each blog addresses something different, you might think that picking something on this blog would be a snap… but you just never know… not everything below is something that’s covered on this blog. Who knows, some of you might learn something new about me from the choices below 🙂

These are the areas you have to select from (categories are underlined):


Business blogging
blogging for money
blog writing
article writing for others


How to motivate yourself
Motivating Others

Self Employment

Social Media

benefits and dangers of social media
social media marketing tips
YouTube & video basics

Customer Service


Being A Better Leader
Training Others To Be Leaders

How to provide good customer service
Training others to be good at customer service

Personal Budgeting


Hospital Revenue Cycle

Medical Billing techniques
Understanding Charge Master
Understanding the Revenue Cycle

Now, method of delivery:

Udemy course
Email course
Live seminar
YouTube (this is new because it’s been requested on some of the other blogs as an option)
1 on 1 training (in person, Skype, Google Hangout, phone)

Remember, only one per person. Once again, I thank everyone in advance for participating and sharing this post, or any of my other posts from any of my other blogs regarding this. Thanks for all your help this week, no matter to what degree it’s come from!

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