Four Square

Man, I feel so old!

There’s a new site that seemed perfectly suited to today’s “tell all” social media crowd. This one is called Four Square, and it’s basic purpose is to let people know where you are. You can link it into Twitter so folks can follow you around to see where you’re going or where you’ve been during the day. People can then visit to see exactly where you are, and they can comment on it if they so choose.

The principles seem to be twofold. One, it allows people to share with their friends where they are in case they want to stop by. Two, it gives a little bit of advertisement to the places where folks are. Here’s an example of how it works. Someone posted on Twitter that they were in Clinton Square, here in the Syracuse area. Here’s the link to what comes up. As you can see, it looks like a miniature Google Map, and there’s one person who’s commented on it, though a week ago so she obviously didn’t see who the person was who posted the link. However, I saw the link on Twitter, so I know who posted it and at what time they posted it as well.

Here’s the part about feeling old. I can’t imagine posting where I am at any point during the day, unless it was a major get together. For instance, if I were at a tweetup with a lot of other Twitter people and we wanted more people to come, I might post that. But if I were going to a meeting, I wouldn’t tell anyone because it’s not their business. Today I saw people who sent their Four Square message when they went downtown, to the special outdoor hockey game, to Winterfest (something I’ve never gone to in all the years I’ve lived here), to get their nails done, to a couple of different restaurants… that’s as far as I’ve reached thus far, though I figure as I get through a few more messages I’ll see more. Maybe this is tied again into this thing I have about being tracked, but I just can’t imagine it.

Still, it’s something to share for those of you who might feel inclined to want people to know where you are all the time. Frankly, I’m thinking you could just save time and implant a tracking device under your arm. lol

The Space Saving Air Hockey Table.

Price – $399.95

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    1. They may or may not. Cyber-criminals might if they set themselves up with someone who’s in a local area and knows those folks aren’t home.

  1. Here I thought you were going to talk about the game we played as kids where we bounced a ball to other kids. Talk about feeling old! šŸ˜‰

    Guess this is just another glimpse into the future. Not sure how I feel about it yet.

    1. And see Anne, you just made me feel older because I don’t know the game you’re talking about. lol

      1. Thanks for that info, Ari. I really have never heard of that, and in reading it on Wikipedia, I still don’t get it. lol

  2. I’ve read articles about tools like this recently…a real stalkers delight, no thanks.
    .-= Dennis EdellĀ“s last blog ..I am Unsubscribing From Your Blog ā€“ Again =-.

  3. Btw, that air-hockey table is what makes me feel old. lol
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    1. I was thinking it would remind some folks of their youth. I was never really good at it, I hate to admit.

      1. I always got my fingers crushed, hands too big for it. lol
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  4. Hi Mitch I’m commenting on your blog from the bathroom. (Joking)

    Don’t think this would be a service I would use for the very reason Dennis said.
    .-= RoseĀ“s last blog ..Free Cartoons for Your Blog =-.

    1. I went to a tweetup tonight and I asked the folks there about it. Seems that you can select individuals whom you want to see specifically visiting you in these places, which the site didn’t tell you up front. At that point, I can see it, although back in the day we’d pick up everyone we wanted to be out with.

      1. Umm yea, this kinda info seems like something they would want to put right up front.
        .-= Dennis EdellĀ“s last blog ..Do You Know The REAL Difference Between Bloggers and Internet Marketers? =-.

  5. This is pretty cool but also lame. I mean the technology is cool, but who thinks so much of themselves that they want to let everyone know where they are, like everyone cares.

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