I’ve just finished reading the free ebook Forum Marketing Supertips, and I wanted to write about it while I still had it fresh in my mind.

Basically, it’s an ebook that gives you tips on how to get links into forums and possible customers from forums by finding ways to make yourself a trusted resource in some fashion. It talks about first reading and learning what the forums are all about, then looking at the types of questions people are asking, and finding ways to answer those questions so you can look like an authority on certain subjects.

Once you do that, you can find ways to either sell your products by linking to them, or encourage visitors to your blog so they can read your content and see what you have to offer there. There are lots of good tools and information in this relatively short book, only 33 pages, that I don’t want to give it all away because, then there’s more.

First, there are other books available for free, such as 101 Supertips and Viral Marketing Supertips. There are also links to other sites you can promote as an affiliate if you’d like.

I recommend this book if you’re someone who likes visiting forums, which I actually do, because it might help you be better at marketing yourself there. By the way, my two favorite forums are Lynn Terry’s forum SSWT Discussion Forum and Anthony Blake Online, though there are others I participate in that aren’t bad. If you’d like to, share some other forums that you feel are pretty good.

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