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Do you Twitter? Are you one of those people who writes once every couple of weeks, or are you someone who posts 100 times a day? How irritating are you to follow on Twitter?

Interesting questions, to be sure, but it’s not my attempt to take a potshot at anyone. Instead, I’m introducing this neat little website I came across a couple of weeks ago called Follow Cost. If you’re on Twitter, what you do is plug your Twitter name into it, let it do some calculations, and it’ll give you a quick statistic showing you what the average number of updates people are making on Twitter, and the average number you’re making over your last 100 posts.

Now, here’s the thing. If your close to the average, you only get the statistic. For instance, right now the average is 13.32 milliscobles, and my average is 12.18. However, a couple of weeks when I ran the figure, my milliscobles was around 48, and I got this sound that sounded like an atomic bomb, and the page shook and flickered with colors as it there was an explosion. It would seem the holiday and the trip across the country has slowed me up a little bit.

Of course, if you read my post on what makes Twitter interesting, you remember being introduced to Twitter Grader, where you can see how prominent you are on Twitter based on people you follow and how many are following you. Unfortunately, I had to remove the little badge that would have shown everyone how prominent I am because of that problem with javascript a couple of weeks ago; sigh.

Anyway, if you’re on Twitter, why not check it out and have a little fun with it. I’m wondering if anything happens if one hardly ever uses it; someone try it and let me know.

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6 comments on “Follow Cost

  • Hi Mitch: I aim for about 20 tweets a day. I want to be active, without overdoing it, and at the same time I don’t want twitter to take up too much of my time.

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    • Hi Marelisa; I have to admit that I don’t count how many tweets I post. I just go for it, since I follow lots of people, but hopefully I don’t make too many extraneous posts.

  • I know about that one, though I can’t remember the name, but I keep wondering why anyone would want to know that. There’s not a single positive thing that comes out of it.

  • I still don’t see that as a positive thing. You should see some of these people on Twitter fretting drastically over how many people stopped following them after they said some specific thing. If I’m going to be out in the open like that, I get to decide if I’m going to be an “in your face” type or something else. Some people are just so obsessive about things like that; I know how I feel when someone unsubscribes from one of my newsletters. I just don’t want to know.

  • I tried out Follow cost. @Bloggertalk has a follow cost of 138.91 milliscobles. Can’t figure it out. Does this mean I’m annoying? 😉
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    • If you didn’t get that nuclear thing where it shook and went nuts, nope. I get it all the time. lol

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