I’m expecting this to be a very short post today, but I know how I am so we’ll see. Anyway, since I call this blog I’m Just Sharing I thought I’d share this one with you.

Our buddy Tristan Higbee, who’s really not blogging all that much anymore but still maintains a casual relationship with people at his site called The Aloof, has a new venture that’s very interesting for those of us who love not only reading books but getting them for free.

It’s called fkb.me, hence becoming the first post I’ve ever written that’s all in small letters because that’s what the site is. It stands for “Free Kindle Books” and what it does is list many of the free books that Amazon sets up to be downloaded for free every day.

I’m not sure how he’s done the automation, and he states he’s making some money off it, but basically he’s got it set up so that you can check one of 6 different categories every day, look through the list to see what you might be interested in, click on those and let it take you to the Amazon page, and if you have a Kindle or a Kindle app on your computer you can download the books. If you don’t have either of those you can read it with some free program that Amazon allows you to use; I don’t know that much about it since I have the Kindle app on my smartphone. The categories are: nonfiction, fiction, language learning, poetry, food and children/young adults.

Now, these aren’t best sellers, so if you’re holding out for the latest Grisham novel you’re going to be out of luck. But there are some gems here and there, and maybe you’ll remember a few days ago when I helped promote Beverly Mahone’s book Don’t Lie, which was a free download for a couple of days. I’ve read some pretty good books and I’ve suffered through a couple of dogs. Some are very short; one “book” was about 30 pages. Still, they’re free, so you “pay” your money and you take your chances.

By the way, you need to pay attention because these exclusives don’t last too long, so if you click on the link at the wrong time of the day the books might not be free anymore. And some books stay free for more than a day, so if they’re on the list and you want to take a chance to look at them, do so. One last piece of advice; check the reviews at the bottom and if there are some with 3 stars or less, look at those before you look at the good reviews.

Wow, guess this wasn’t so short after all. lol

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