First Week Of Contest Info

Okay, it’s the first week after announcing my Big RSS Subscriber Contest. Let’s see how it’s going thus far.

Actually, to say that, after the first week, it’s going to be a big success would be a massive overstatement. During the week, at one point I was up to 63 totally subscribers, which means I’d have increased 9 at the time, but by this morning I was back to 58, showing an increase of 4 people. Also, so far the only thing anyone has done to be in the contest is write a comment here, and some of the comments indicated that they weren’t actually participating, only commenting on why they weren’t going to participate, obviously not realizing that a comment is a contest entry.

So, thus far, there are 7 people who are in the contest; wow! Not quite what’s needed to get to that 250, which is why I decided on a couple of things. One, I made the RSS post a sticky post for the month. That means that anyone coming in through the main page will see that post first until the contest is over. Two, I’ve put a little blurb at the beginning of every post that has nothing specific to do with the contest, hopefully letting people who may not know about it and are visiting the blog for the first time know that there’s a contest going on. Of course, I’m hoping everyone else is letting people know there’s a contest going on also (major league hint). And three, I’ve been commenting on a lot of blogs, and those that have CommentLuv have seen me select that particular post. I’ve done my part.

Anyway, odd stuff; let’s see where it all goes.

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13 comments on “First Week Of Contest Info

  • Can you explain this Feedburner glitch? I saw Lynn Terry was also talking about it, and she said hers is off by nearly 1,000 subscribers.

    • That’s interesting stuff, Dennis; thanks for that. Seems Google is also moving things around with Feedburner, because earlier today it was showing a drastic reduction, but I read their article about it and I’ve now moved it to their server, I guess, and they say the numbers could be skewed downward for at least a week. The things we learn.

  • Taris Janitens says:

    I’m certainly interested to see how this is going to turn out, as I’ve been looking for a good way to increase my subscriber base!

    Taris Janitens´s last blog Almost Ready for Launch!

  • Hey Mitch!
    “Also, so far the only thing anyone has done to be in the contest is write a comment here,” I´ve gone a bit further than that, as you might notice on my blog post for today 😉

    Mirjam´s last blog post..Are You Ready for Change?

    • Mirjam, you have been superior; thanks a lot, and I really hope this contest goes off so you’ll have your shot at winning it all.

      • you´re welcome, sure would be nice if you hit the target 😉

        Mirjam´s last blog post..Are You Ready for Change?

  • Hey Mitch, I’m sorry it’s going slow. It might just take time to pick up and for word to get out. I know I did a giveaway on my site where I gave away a couple brand new R&B cds and it started off really slow. It takes time, but just keep reminding people about it and hopefully it will get better.

    • It is what it is, Boyz (man, we need to get you a regular name here lol), but we take our shots and see where it all falls out. As it is, I may not be able to do a report next week since I just did this merge thing with Google and Facebook (it was coming anyway, so I just jumped the gun), and they said stats will be skewed low for a week.

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