Firefox, I Love Ya But…

Firefox and I have always had a love – less love kind of relationship. I left Netscape for Firefox and I never looked back; I often thought that maybe I killed Netscape (no, we all know who killed it), but it didn’t matter. Firefox was better than IE, and that’s all that used to matter.

There are just so many things to love about Firefox. I love the add-ons. I love how I can change the look. I love how I can go into the config.about settings and change stuff if I really want to (don’t do this unless you know what you’re doing). I love how it’s just a bit more protection than IE. I love the tabs. Frankly, there’s not much I don’t like about it.

And yet, there is something I don’t like, something that’s irked me for years, the one thing that I just can’t overcome. Sometimes Firefox hangs, and when it does, that’s it. By hangs, I mean that it just suddenly stops. You can’t do anything because it’s pretty much said it’s had enough. You can’t even go into the task manager and turn it off; I mean, how many programs do that?

I have researched this issue for years and tried to find a workaround. It was suggested to remove Zone Alarm because they don’t play well together; I tried that. It was suggested that maybe it was AVG; I tried that. It was suggested to change your profile; I tried that. Nothing has worked. There have been some suggestions that I don’t have the technical knowledge for, so those I haven’t tried. However, my thought is that someone at Mozilla, the group that makes Firefox, would have addressed the issue at some point.

You know what? Never. Now, that’s a strange one, isn’t it? Through all the forums they have, with this issue coming up often enough, not a single Mozilla person has ever chimed in with a fix. They won’t even acknowledge that there’s a problem; isn’t that weird? I mean, even Microsoft eventually came clean on the dog that is Vista (which I’m still stuck on). And folks, it’s not Vista that’s hanging Firefox, because I had the same issue under XP.

So, I’m stuck. I’m not crazy about Opera, even though it’s never hung on my system, and I’m not a major fan of Chrome. Don’t even try to talk me into, what, IE 8 or 9 now? I guess I’m stuck in “bootup loop” city, and I’m not overly happy about it. There just has to be a solution, right? Someone? Anyone?

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26 thoughts on “Firefox, I Love Ya But…”

  1. I use a Mac and it hangs on me. I finally gave up and switched back to Safari. It’s a shame, since I really like Firefox, but Safari’s not too shabby either.

    1. I’m trying a few things, Anne. First thing was to change my profile. Second thing was to go in and change memory settings on Firefox. That’s a little dangerous sometimes, but I think I can handle getting in and out, and if something happens that I don’t like I’ll just uninstall and reinstall. So far it seems to be handling everything well, but let’s see if it’ll get to 4 days in a row without having to reboot. Well, at least one more day, since Microsoft likes to send their updates on Tuesdays.

  2. It’s never hung on me Mitch. Reckon I’m lucky that way. Now if only I can teach it how to do a blow job I’d fall in love with it too.

    1. You mean you’d cheat on your wife with a machine? I hear they have something that would help you with that? lol

      1. I don’t know that they would call it cheating Mitch. Heck they get their vibrators and we would have a program that would really satisfy a male 😀

    1. I was going to send you some information about changing up some settings within Firefox but decided I didn’t want that on my head. lol

  3. I’ve never really had any consistent problems with Firefox. Every once in a while it will crash but not too much.

    Any chance you might have changed something in the config.about settings that could be causing this?

    1. Actually Keith, I hadn’t changed any settings within Firefox until last night when I decided to open up my memory usage while also restricting the size of some information Firefox likes to store. I keep checking resources and they’re staying below 400,000K, so it seems to be working thus far.

  4. I too am a Firefox uses and it sometimes hangs on me too or it closes down. I sometimes have to switch to IE to view a page.

    1. You know Rose, I’ve never thought about just switching browsers & going about my business, probably because my passwords are already set up in Firefox. How weird!

  5. I love firefox as much as you do. It’s why I still have not purchased a premium Internet Security for my laptop. You see, my first choice for internet security is BitDefender. Bitdefender however messes up firefox’s extensions especially seoquake and other related plugins. They suggest I use IE or Chrome instead. No way, I’m staying with FF. So now, I’m still waiting for BitDef to clear their snag out, or perhaps if I can no longer wait, I’d go for the next best thing. Kaspersky?

    1. I run AVG just because it seems to play nice with all my other programs, including Firefox.

  6. Firefox is very useful for me. There are few add-ons that I really love and help me a lot for my SEO and web development. I simply no need to buy any other expensive tools. Everything is on my fingertips.

    1. Firefox is wonderful, and if they’d do something about the memory issues it might be perfect. I do have to say that Opera is pretty fast.

  7. I’ve had odd problems with Firefox since I installed it, but nothing that I can’t fix by going into Task Manager, turning off the process from there and starting it again. Also, for the life of me I don’t understand why, whenever I start it up (Firefox, I mean) it gives me a ‘server not found’ page, which is rubbish! I just click ‘try again’ and it finds the page I need straight away!

    1. That does sound like an odd problem, Val. First time I’ve heard that one. I assume you’re giving it at least 30 seconds before opening it back up to give it proper time to totally shut down, and if that’s the case, then I’m as confused as you.

  8. The only thing I do not like about Firefox is it seems to take more memory to run than Internet Explorer, actually I think almost twice as much.

    1. That’s because of all the stuff we can add to Firefox that IE doesn’t allow you to add. I have lots of add-ons & other stuff I do with my browser.

  9. I believe you’ve just read my mind Mitch. I’ve been using firefox for 2 years now. But for the past years, everytime i open more than 10 tabs, or when i’m in the middl of somecrucial action, firefox just freezes! Worst of all, it consumes the most memory i’ve seen in an application for my whole life. Firefox shouldn’t be consuming 1gig of my RAM imho…

    I don’t like Chrome, Opera or Safari. Don’t even get me started on IE. I actually feel lost 🙁

    1. I’ve just gone into the configuration files and told Firefox how to handle some of the memory issues, and I haven’t had another problem since Saturday. I’m not going to tell you the settings because I don’t want to bear the responsibility, but go onto Google and look up Firefox memory issues and you’ll see instructions for what to do. But I can’t believe you’re still using FF 2. 🙂

      1. Thanks Mitch, i’ll give it a try 🙂 It’s better than nothing trust me, i wouldn’t hold you responsible 😉

        Btw i’m using ff for 2 years, not using ff 2. I’m using 3.6.8 😛

  10. You might want to try disabling your addons as one of them might be the culprit after all.

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