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  • Hi Mitch: I watched the two videos you have up here. The first one was hilarious, the second one made me things of the huge expectations that are being placed on Obama.

    • That’s okay, Marelisa. If there’s something I’ve learned in my almost 50 years, it’s that huge expectations are what “we’ve” always had to deal with, especially when we’ve been the first or only at anything. Obama will do just fine.

  • Ben Tremblay says:

    haha I watched these videos a couple of days ago and they are really hilarious! 😉

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  • As far as I’m concerned it’s the second one that was hilarious, so much so I’m gonna put it in the video spot on my WassupBlog. Quite fitting I reckon.

    As for Obama, I knew he would win, now I only hope he he will deliver. Has to be an improvement on BUSH. I only hope they give him a fair go as he has to really dig you guys out of a hole.

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    • He can’t help but succeed, Sire; it’s all he’s done his entire life. And he’s lucky to have the right party in control of Congress, because it’ll give him a shot at getting done what he’s hoping for.

      • Having the right people behind him will make all the difference. I heard that he’s already picking the key personal. Good on him.

      • He’s a smart guy, and has learned from President Clinton that waiting until the last minute puts you behind the curve.

  • Well, I can’t comment on that, since I didn’t pay much attention to how the campaign was going, but personally I’m just so proud of the moment and what it represents to a heck of a lot of people. I really wish my dad was here to see this.

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