With so many people freaking out about the demise of Google Reader, and realizing that I hadn’t ever really written about the program I use, I thought it was time to introduce it to you. I’m a standalone guy instead of having everything in my browser so this might not be what some of you want. But I love it so it gets some love publicly now. 🙂


Feedreader is basically a program that allows you to track any RSS feeds you want, categorize them, and determine how you want to view them. I use the standalone product as I mentioned before but they also have a browser version as well as some other versions of the main product, but I can’t tell you anything about those.

The first image is exactly what the program looks like when you open it (to enlarge you’ll have to click on it, then when it opens again click again and it’ll be much bigger & easy to see). You see that I have my categories there on the left, and I’m highlighting one of the articles from one of my other blogs just as an example. This is only a reader; if you’re subscribing to blogs you have to click on the link at the top of the article and it’ll pull up a browser so you can comment on it.


The second image shows you how you can add feeds to the program. However, an easier way to do it is to click on the RSS feed on the blog or website and the program will automatically open up and allow you to add the link to it. Once it adds the link then you can go to the left and change the name or move it into a new category.

The final image shows you one of my categories, which I call Friends. Everyone in this category is a close friend, as opposed to a blogging friend, thus the only person in here that doesn’t live in the states, but I count him as a close friend after so many years, is our buddy Sire, and 3 blogs on this list are his. lol


The way you move links around is you open up a category, go to the link, hold your left mouse button down and drag it to where you want it in that category. You hold it as far to the left as you can so that if you want to alphabetize things, which I do for all my other categories, it’s easy to do. On this list you’ll see I have all my blogs at the top, which I do to make sure everything is always working properly.

Anyway, I love this thing and I think it’s a great alternative for those who still want to track RSS feeds. I don’t know if they have a mobile version, as truthfully I don’t want to read feeds on my smartphone so I’m not worrying about that. Check out the site above and you might find what you need there.

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