With the problems I was having last week getting onto all my sites because of the server problems, I started thinking about what I’d do if my blog ever got hacked. Though I think of myself as small enough potatoes that no one would want to bother me, the truth is that people come here from all over, even if they don’t always write, and I do advertise most of my posts on Twitter, so whose to say some nefarious rogue might not decide to do a drive by hacking? Of course, that wasn’t my only worry. Three years ago I lost all my blog content when the host I was using had all of their servers crash. I was lucky that someone recommended going through Google to find all the posts, which had been cached; whew!

Well, that prompted me to go get the WordPress backup plugin, which I hadn’t done though I thought I had, and do a backup of all my pages for both blogs. I downloaded the file to my computer, and one would think that would be that. But the truth of the matter is that I have absolutely no idea what to do with that file. If I got hacked, or my host went down, or I decided to move to another host (still a possibility), how would I handle all my pages?

Out of the blue, I came across this post on Thou Shalt Blog titled The Day I Was Hacked, where the creator of the blog, Yan, talks about his blog being hacked, and then gives a 20 step process for how to put your blog back together. Of course, the first step is backing it up, and since I gave you the link above I hope you’re going there now (if you have a WordPress blog) and are going to use it ASAP.

Thanks for the tips, Yan; I feel safer already.

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