Back in November, I wrote a review about Kid Tech Guru, a blog written by a 14 year old on technology that I thought was pretty incredible. At the time, one of the comments I got was from a kid named Monik, who wondered why everyone always seemed to write about Xavier, the writer of the above mentioned blog, and yet he didn’t get much attention for his blog, as he was 13 and thought it was pretty good. I left it alone at the time because, well, it smacked of sour grapes, but I’ve always planned on going back to take a look at it.

The name of his blog is Etiole, and though I’m not sure he knows it, Etiole is actually a girl’s name that means “star” in French. Monik lives in India, but his blog does have some star power, based on what I’m seeing, so it’s definitely worth a look.

I’d have to say that Etiole is a very good blog, and Monik is very active with it. In the past week he’s done stories on YouTube, software many bloggers use, creating official looking seals for one’s site, a washable keyboard, and some talk about widgets. He even ran a successful contest, which means his blog gets enough visitors to have a pretty good contest.

I have to say that, once again, this blog doesn’t read like a kid is writing it. He has a very nice writing style that’s easy to understand, and I think that shows that he isn’t just copying what someone else is writing. It’s also very colorful and creative; I like the images he uses, and he finds some fairly unique and funny stuff; y’all know I like funny.

So, check it out and let him know what you think. And, to show me that he’s not jealous of Kid Tech Guru in any way, he even has The Kid as an advertiser on his site; way to go!

Richest Man Who Ever Lived

The Richest Man Who Ever Lived

by Stephen K. Scott