Ending The Contest Early

Hello Friends,

As you know, I started this contest three weeks ago with the intention of increasing my RSS subscribers to the number 250, which would get me halfway to my ultimate goal for the year of 500. At this juncture, it’s quite easy to know that I’m not going to get to that point. Goodness, we’re not going to get anywhere near that point. As it stands today, I now have 65 subscribers, which is up from the 54 I started with, but 184 away from where I wanted to get to. Many years ago, Flip Wilson used to do a routine where he said a comic’s worst issue is not knowing when to stop. Well, I’m not a comedian, but I know it’s time to stop. This way, that sticky post I have at the top can wind its way back to where it’s supposed to be, and I can get back to the initial mission of this blog; whatever that is. Oh yeah; this is a small video of Flip Wilson, as Geraldine, with one of my heroes, Muhammad Ali:

Mirjam posed the question in another post as to why she thinks this contest failed, and that she would offer her reasons after I gave mine. Mirjam, I’m holding you to that! So, why did this blog fail? Truthfully, the only thing I can think of is that I didn’t promote it well enough or hard enough. Maybe that’s two reasons; I’m not really sure. My thinking was that if I did certain things, the word would spread organically. I promoted it on Twitter six days in a row at some point; a couple of days I promoted it twice. For about nine days or so I promoted it on other blogs that had CommentLuv by selecting it as the post I wanted to highlight first. Also, with my request for other folks to mention the contest on their blogs, I was hoping that would also get people to stop by for the contest.

None of that really worked all that well. Hey, that’s okay; another lesson learned, and if I ever have another contest, we’ll see if I figure out some extra things to do as far as promotion goes. Of course, figuring out the art of hype is always the main struggle for most of us, isn’t it?

So, this left us with my notice saying that if I didn’t hit my goal that there wouldn’t be anything given out as a gift, most probably. I’ve decided to back off of that somewhat. Since I only increased 11 subscribers, I’m taking first and second prize off the docket. I’m going to go ahead and award third prize, though. So, what I’ve done is as I said I would do. I put all the names on a spreadsheet based on first writing here, then adding additional entries for those folks who did more than that. Mirjam ended up with the most entries; thanks! Then I sized everything to be the same, and cut up the paper into small pieces. I put all of the little slips of paper into a box, took off my glasses (I can’t see anything without my glasses), and mixed the little papers up for about 30 seconds. Then I reached in and pulled one of the little pieces of paper out of the box. This person is the winner of the contest, and will be awarded the third place prize, which is a copy of my ebook Using Your Website As A Marketing Tool, and a review of either the blog or website of this person. The winner is Brandon of The Almost Millionaire; congrats Brandon. I will be contacting Brandon by email to get him the ebook, and ask him what he’d like to have reviewed.

It was a pleasure meeting some of you new folks, and I feel honored that so many friends stopped by to wish me luck. Onward and upward; thanks to all.

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