Easy Admin Color Schemes – The Update

Back on December 21st I warned folks about updating to the latest version of Easy Admin Color Schemes because it had been changed to work with a higher version of PHP than most of us had access to. In essence, if you updated you probably lost your blog until you went through your PHP program and deleted the program entirely.

I thought it was time for an update and a tale; yeah, there’s always a story isn’t there?

After the post went live, I was contacted by the guy who created it, James Dimick, and we talked about the issue for a bit. He eventually went back and updated the version again, changing it back so that all of us could get back to using it.

That seems like it would be a great thing, but at the time it didn’t quite work out as well as hoped. Instead of coming back to work as one might hope, it took away all color and never showed up underneath the Settings tab, since he changed it to be more of a standalone plugin than having to go under settings. I was dismayed, as I did the update on a different blog than the one I’d originally had problems with. He said he’d see what he could find, and that’s where we left off.

But y’all know me; I just can’t let things go. The first thing I did was delete the entire plugin and loaded it again, as I’d just updated it on the second blog. Lo and behold, it worked doing it that way, with the listing showing up independently under the settings area. Unfortunately, it didn’t bring back my color scheme.

That actually leads me to point number two. What I don’t think James realized, as I re-read our comments, is that I had gone in and customized all my colors to be what I wanted them to be, instead of using what came with the program. It comes with 4 color choices but I’m one of those “under the hood” guys when I can be, and I wanted different colors for each blog. Anyway, when I updated things, because he had changed things so drastically. He’d even said that if you updated and had made changes to the original program that it wouldn’t recognize any previous changes and thus would remove them.

What to do? Well, with the one where I reloaded the plugin, I went into the CSS of one of the other blogs where I’d made changes and copied that specific data into a notepad document. Then I took a shot at adding my own custom color scheme, which it allows you to do, and I pasted that code into the box, changing the coded colors to something really drastic so I could easily identify what was being changed. Once I saw that then I went and found the color codes that I really wanted to use and things look pretty good. It’s not exactly what I had before, but it’s pretty close, and the image below is what the admin area of that particular blog looks like now (click on the image, then click again when it opens elsewhere to see a larger version of the image):

So, here are the recommendations:

1. If you’ve made any color modifications at all, copy the entire code and paste it into another space; Notepad works well.

2. Totally remove the plugin you have now, then go and reload the entire thing.

3. Either paste your entire code into the “add new” area or only add in the code you actually changed before; all else will work if you don’t post everything in.

That’s about it. Thanks for changing things back James, and I hope people will continue using this plugin because overall it’s pretty neat.

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8 comments on “Easy Admin Color Schemes – The Update

  • I think that I’ve mention it on my previous comment, haven’t use this plugin, but actually using something similar for Drupal and Joomla, so far everything seems to be sweet and save a lot of time. Using higher version of PHP is very radical change, but actually even the previous WordPress was build for PHP 5.3 so there are obvious reasons why author have move completely to it. If CSS of previous and new version is not modified, definitely those files can be save and reuploaded after update. However it is good to check this with software and compare files one by one WinMerge is free software that can do that, line by line and display the differences.

    • Carl, the thing is none of us knew the previous version was updated to a PHP we’d probably never heard of, and then didn’t have, so I’m glad it was changed back. It’s too bad there’s nothing we can do to increase our PHP to the next level, but it’s always up to the hosting company, one reason I thought about going on my own but realized I don’t have the technical knowledge to get it done and keep it up.

      • Actually it was announced on the home page, when 3.2 went alive, but main be I paid attention as one of the customers blogs showed strange behavior. I think more than 99% of the web hosts were affected, but probably half of those have moved to the newer version as there are only few plugins in WordPress that are causing trouble, I can say this for certain as I am running 3 blogs on PHP 5.2.7 without any problems. This PHP update can be done only by webhosting company or if you have root access, nobody give root access for share hosting and it is available only on VPS and dedicated servers.

      • Carl, I’ve never paid any attention to those things unless I knew what they were talking about. For my host, I have never seen any mention of PHP whatsoever, so I have to go by research to see what others are saying, which is why I know my host isn’t there yet.

  • Yikes Mitch, php, I almost came out in a rash at the mention of the word. I’m surprised this WordPress plugin has not been downloading alot more times. It’s the best plugin I’ve come across for editing my admin colour scheme. I didn’t realise it had been recently updated. I have to say I hate the new Google Adsense GUI, and I wish Google were as sensible as James Dimick.

    • I’m sure James will appreciate your words, Richard. I love it because I hate boring; matter of fact, I regularly change the colors of my computer as well, and my wallpaper rotates hundreds of different pictures every 15 minutes.

  • Such a nice tutorial! I had been thinking about to get some new color schemes on my blog, your post was totally useful for me! Thanks for sharing these tips and tricks!;)
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