Back in May, I talked about signing up on three sites to do some writing or consulting work. One of those sites was Guru. At the time, I said it looked problematic in working with them because you’re only allowed to sign up for one area for free; anything else, and you either have to disable a previous profile or pay to add another one.

At the time, I signed up as a business consultant. However, when I went in to add some information to the profile, something I hadn’t done before, none of the options fit anything that I actually do. In essence, I was pretty much done before I began. So, today I deleted my account with them. I don’t see myself going back to set up a new profile either, and I’ll tell you why.

I have a problem with paying anyone for the right to work on a project; at least up front. There are no guarantees that you’ll get a project, let alone find anything that fits what you can do, and the idea of paying for that just doesn’t appeal to my sensibilities. Now, having a company take a piece of the profit for making a connection doesn’t bother me as much because they did help facilitate the hookup, but that’s about as far as I’d like to go with something like that.

Basically, this means that I didn’t end up sticking with any of the three sites I mentioned in that earlier post. One I’d dropped immediately without signing up, and the third, ScriptLance, doesn’t quite fit my model either, as I don’t want to bid on something as soon as it comes out, which I did, then have to wait a month to see if I hear whether I got accepted or not (which never happened; I actually forgot about it until just now, and, as I said, I bid on a project back in May). Frankly, that’s a bad business model also, if they’re not going to send out notice in any fashion, and since they’re taking a percentage from both ends, I think both ends deserve a bit better customer service than that.

Still, I’ll keep looking at different things, and telling y’all about them. One of those things, which has nothing to do with writing or looking for business, is our friend Marelisa’s new book “How to Be More Creative – A Handbook for Alchemists”: Your Guide to Leading a More Creative Life. I think that’s enough description for anyone, so why not stop by and read the sales page to see what it’s all about.

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