I was having what I consider a wonderful dream. I was in a restaurant for some event, and it was kind of a buffet, but with a major difference. First you walked by a candy bar, which had all sorts of different candies behind glass. When I got up there I saw all these sweets that I knew I would love, including oversized candy corn, chocolates with mint in them, and all sorts of other things that I know are favorites of mine.

Candy Dispenser
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My wife was distracted, so I could have as much of all of it as I could pile on my plate before I got to the real food, and it was all free. However, there was this one guy already there, doing what I planned on doing, and he was taking forever. I started thinking there has to be something else that can be done to move things along, and suddenly, I woke up.

So there I am, laying on my bed, exhausted, overheated, upset that it was only a dream, wanting to go back to sleep, when suddenly I’m smelling chocolate; at least I think it’s chocolate. That’s the type of thing that would perk me up, so I opened my eyes and looked around; nothing. I sniffed the air; nothing. I then closed my eyes again and tried to get back to sleep, and started smelling chocolate again; what the hey? This time I lifted my head and body and looked all around again; nothing.

Time to investigate. I walked around the room first; nothing. I walked into the living room; nothing. I walked through the house, and not only was there no chocolate, there was no wife; she was in the basement working out. I wondered what the heck it could be, then something said to smell my hands. I did, and there it was; this sweet smell of peppermint and chocolate candy of some sort.

Then I remembered; I’d gone to what they call the Farmer’s Market this morning with my wife, and I had tried this fancy hand lotion that was a combination of peppermint and aloe with shea butter; not sure why it makes me think chocolate, but it did. Obviously, I’m still thinking chocolate, so that’s what I’m sharing with you below; what a life I have!

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