The best thing about having multiple blogs is that if I mess one up for whatever reason I know not to do something to the others, and I can then investigate what the issue was.

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In this case, the problem is with the latest update of Easy Admin Color Schemes. Some of you may remember when I talked about this plugin last year with glowing colors because it allows you to customize your administration area with all sorts of different colors, something that definitely appeals to someone like me, and if your blog has multiple users, each users can change what they see as well. I still think very highly of the program, just to get that out of the way.

However, there seems to be an issue with upgrading to the latest version, 4.0, that I didn’t know about when I updated it on one of my blogs yesterday. That blog totally locked up and said there was an error or line 30 of the plugin. The problem is that I couldn’t get back into the panel to fix it; in essence, the blog was done, over, kaput, unusable by myself and unreachable by anyone else.

First, the reason. It seems the makers of this plugin decided to upgrade it so that it would be compatible with PHP 5.3 or higher. Most of us are still with 5.2 or lower from our hosts, which means we can’t use the newest version of the plugin. I wish they’d told us that up front, but it doesn’t always work that way it seems.

The fix was easy enough. Since I knew which plugin it was I opened up my FTP program, went into the plugins folder on the server, and totally eliminated the Easy Admin Color Schemes program. When it was gone, my blog was back, less colorful on the inside, but working perfectly.

This is always a danger when we update our plugins. I had the same problem with another plugin this summer, though I can’t remember which one, and had to do the same thing. Remember that with some FTP programs you might have to go into each individual folder to delete files before you can delete the folders. At least I knew which plugin gave me the problem; you always have to keep that in mind as well.

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